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  1. Girls

    one of the saddest days of my life
  2. Girls

  3. Shift ----> left or right?

    I say right. I wouldn't have it any other way.
  4. Morning People

    you're soooo right. that's the best ever
  5. Morning People

    i love the morning!! and i love sunrise so much. it's honestly my favorite part of the day. it's so serene. i love waking up early. it's the best!
  6. Female N00dz

    5 year old blonde, hahaha.
  7. N00dz Part II

    oh success!
  8. N00dz Part II

    I'd vote myself but I'm not on there so </3
  9. Meat

  10. Seasons change

    I wanted my sister's name to be Autumn! but my dad didn't like it. I voted Autumn then Winter also.
  11. ALLENTOWN 10/13

    OUIIII! i really really want to go but i'm broke.
  12. ALLENTOWN 10/13

    tehehehehehe I'm so there now. I'll hitch-hike if I have to.
  13. ALLENTOWN 10/13

    hey someone give me a ride or something and I'll be there.
  14. Chocolate

    It has an orange taste to it, it's not an actual orange. I don't really like them, I think they taste weird. They're cool though haha.
  15. Chocolate