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  1. Juturna Picture Disc

    i know a lot of people are looking for this record and im most likely going to be putting mine on ebay within the next few days with a few other rarities or so. it is basically to raise money for a little girl who fractured her skull at her daycare. her family doesn't have any insurance due to going into the tattoo business. if you live in Arizona or surrounding areas and aren't doing anything on the weekend of may 17th feel free to come to the benefit show. all money is going to the girl for the hospital bill. you can send money to Geonna Grey Medical Fund Georgianne K Miley Trustee @ Bank of America
  2. The Sound of Animals Fighting

    lame, go listen to say anything.
  3. Quick Question Thread

    i think its on his left arm of the upper part.
  4. Quick Question Thread

    i dunno... maybe i am thinking of someone else.
  5. Quick Question Thread

    haha on a real serious note... what is colins tattoo on his arm? i have kinda always wondered.
  6. Quick Question Thread

    good answer.
  7. Quick Question Thread

    serious question what does ant wear under his jeans?!
  8. The Sound of Animals Fighting

    or cause they know how much the west coast is. hahaha
  9. 1,000 witnesses

  10. 1,000 witnesses

    what reign?
  11. The Sound of Animals Fighting

    im kind of stoked for this album since its went back to the original core of members.
  12. On Letting Go Vinyl?

    nevermind. i read the stuff over at vc board. it is a bootleg. lame
  13. On Letting Go Vinyl?

    how can it be boot legged? they would have had to buy the rights to OLG from equal vision and i really don't see equal vision giving those up. i mean i can see circa pressing this and just having it on tour with them like they did with juturna.
  14. On Letting Go Vinyl?

    so what the fuck... did this really get pressed? a lot of people think this picture was photoshopped.
  15. The Sound of Animals Fighting

    haha so true. i rather listen to people on this boards bands than that song.