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  1. Anyone who bought and didn't receive digi copy. Email me anytime and I'll hook it up. Thanks for all the kind words guys. Dream come true! buymyartdude@gmail.com
  2. they shipped today. very very stupid and im very sorry about that. i checked last week and was told all orders would ship last friday. then today i was told there was a problem acquiring the blank goods for some of the apparel. that really shouldnt have effected orders of just the vinyl but at this point im trying not to be bummed. i was assured ALL orders would be out the door today so expect it soon. please accept my apologies. thank you for your support.
  3. hey buddy, we jammed on this as a whole band once but never recorded any bass or other stuff on it. the music is stuff i did myself at creek house one night and then anthony put vocals to it. we then re tracked vocals for it later on. it was an experiment to make something with no kick or bass when i wrote the music. i hope we play it live one day with bass and other goodies added. itd be fun.
  4. Circa Survive "Blue Sky Noise" Discussion

    thank you dylan. i wont even bother defended us to mr dying to reach you. (one of the poppiest songs anthony has ever written btw and a great one at that i will say that its brutal/presumptuous/down right ignorant posts like that keep me away from this board yet at the same time fuel my fire to continue to write whatever the fuck we feel like writing and not consider what people think. we miss you too man. maybe youll dig BSN when youre older. if not, we'll always have juturna.
  5. Creature Club

    we re working on some ideas as we speak. have no fear. im surprised noones talkin bout the creature club pack from this current tour! it has a few sweet videos and another self recorded demo. (full band version of resentment)
  6. Circa Survive.Com . Chat/Performance

    hahaha. love you guys. lots of dumb questions.(none from the boarders that i could tell haha) but the real reason we were irritated was that the questions were shooting down the page so fast that we couldnt comprehend most of them. id read a good question and then it would mix with a hair comment and i would lose my train of thought. eh, we did the best we could with it. overall, it was a rad time playing and an amazingly successful experiment. we hope to do that again! (the performing aspect that is) and yes it was different from shockhound. we did frozen and imaginary! in the words of tina fey, suck it monkeys! damn it beard you beat me.
  7. Circa Survive "Blue Sky Noise" Discussion

    nah man no wrath from me. ive answered things like this already. our album sounds the way it sounds because we wanted it to sound like that. and we love it. period. over. done. (maybe someday people will hear the original demos for this album and realize this to be true) if anyone doesnt like it, thats your prerogative and i still got nothing but love for you. as long as youre all being kind to each other, than you can say whatever you want about us or our album. thank you all endlessly from the bottom of my heart. tomorrow took forever to come but im so happy the wait is officially over. now, back to your regularly scheduled program.
  8. Circa Survive "Blue Sky Noise" Discussion

    nope, our friend Greg did cello on the safe camp version.
  9. Blue Sky Noise . Preorder

    not totally sure off the top of my head. email customer service. im sure you'll be fine. first pressing of it was pretty large i think.
  10. Blue Sky Noise . Preorder

    yeah that cut off should have been made more clear. dude if you pre ordered though, just ask a bud on the board or download a leak. i cant wait till all this bullshit is over and you guys cant talk about the songs and not over charges. dont sweat this shit, it will be sorted. sorry to some of you for the bumout. k, im out. gotta play vintage vinyl tomorrow. will check back in tomorrow
  11. Blue Sky Noise . Preorder

    have no idea why all this is happening. possible some kind of server shit the bed, all those charges will be fixed tho. theres no way theyll charge you more than what you were supposed to be charged. they shouldn't clear with your bank. they should be pending id think. sorry to all the people who got errors, this should all be fixed soon. if you paid for it and havent been able to get it, get it from a friend who didnt have a problem! sorry guys. ive notified some people there that theirs problems happening so, fingers crossed.
  12. Circa Survive "Blue Sky Noise" Discussion

    hey guys. as far as i know, all people who preordered will get the normal deluxe edition with the safe camp sessions. which should be 4 extra songs. as far as the itunes exclusive and hot topic exclusive, these are like they say "exclusive" to those versions. this is what these companies ask for in order to do special promotions and cheap pricing for the cds. i dont blame you for not wanting to buy multiple copies. been there myself many times, actually have done it too. so yes unfortunately if you want to own those extras you'll have the choice of buying it again or getting creative.
  13. Circa Survive "Blue Sky Noise" Discussion

    nope danilove is correct. i wrote the lyrics/melodies for the chorus of imaginary and all of the lyrics/melodies for i felt free as well. we all contributed lyrically to this record as well as anthony contributing to the music. collaboration mannnnnn. (stoner voice)
  14. Circa Survive "Blue Sky Noise" Discussion

    you're absolutely right . it happens all the time. this isusually where a great lawyer and management come in.both of which we have but i can honestly say that atlantic has been amazing in this regard. theyve proven to really love the band for what we do and have trusted our instincts from day one. if this wasnt the case there is no way we would have been able to work with someone like bottrill. he is not someone you send a band to if you just want to pump out hits. he is a creative guru who is in love with passionate music and cool sounds.
  15. Circa Survive "Blue Sky Noise" Discussion

    totally fair question. well one reason this song is different is that i wrote the chorus . i can def. confirm that this song was inspired by very real emotions and events and that everyţhing about it came out naturally. the song is different for us because of the energy but i guess but it seems very in line with act appalled, inthe morning , 1000 witnesses and most dangerous commericals. the label never asked for any kind of song from us. nor would we ever ablige a request of ţhat sort. i appreciate having fans with these kind of concerns because we share them wiţh you. i think hearing this song live will make much more sense for people like yourself.