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  1. Saosin "Along The Shadow" | Discussion

    I might have just outgrown post-hardcore music, but I haven't been really feeling these songs too much. Nothing really stood out to me for some reason. I still love ttn though. There's a lot of music on this record so I'm hoping that there's something I'll dig on there. I also felt that the songs I heard were a little bit too polished. I enjoyed the lo-fi quality of ttn a lot. it added to the aesthetic in a really good way. But I imagine that isn't something they would consider with the equipment they have now. I watched some live videos and these songs sound much better in that setting so that's good.
  2. Circa Survive "Random" Discussion

    hello everyone. it's been a minute. came here because i actually had something to say for once. so i recently took a personal development course which is much like group therapy except that it works on a broader spectrum to help all kinds of people. i learned some great languange tools to help me identify issues in my life more easily. i noticed in this course that a lot of things discussed reminded me of the lyrics in On Letting Go. I wonder if Anthony ever took any classes like that. Or maybe he learned these things through therapy which i am just assuming he took based on his drug use in the past. The more probable answer is likely that he is well read in existentialism, nihilism, eastern religions, and psychology. Im really looking at the album in a new light today and it feels kind of nice.
  3. I love how anthony writes song about the state of the band. There is something really endearing about how he acknowledges his relationships with everyone in it. It feels like a dynamic that would make the bond between them all really strong and honest.
  4. Circa Survive "Descensus" Discussion

    yeah i agree it's strange to see them use that painting. Doesn't seem like a commission for the new album, but it does work in some weird way; at least symbolically. Lion is pretty disfigured and zombie-like. i could see the mouse face you're talking about Roy. The paws are also really tiny for a lion like that. I think It's a cool painting too. Leaves you with questions. the paint quality is also really nice. I'm sure he put the ballsack in there for some meaning as well. Might have some historical context. I've noticed Esao play with his images like that before.
  5. Circa Survive "Random" Discussion

    oh wow.... that's terrible. i never can understand why anyone would think heroin is a good idea. Once you 're addicted to that shit you become physically dependent. It's really hard for people to get completely off it. I have a friend who got hooked and it has been heartbreaking to see him struggle to stay off. I really hope he works through it. He's such a good/inspiring guy and i feel so much love coming through his words, pictures, and music. Please be strong Anthony Green
  6. Circa Survive - Descensus

    Child of the Desert, Only the Sun, and Descensus are the best tracks overall i think. Phantom, Nesting Dolls, Schema, Sovereign Circles, and Quiet Down are all great songs, but not entirely into their compositions as a whole. Who Will Lie With Me Now is a cool track, but much too short. It could be longer! Really dig that they threw in some ambient in there, but it feels too much like a filler song with how short it is compared to everything else. Would have loved to get lost in that song for a few minutes more. It really is quite nice. Always Begins is my least favorite, but it definitely has good moments and i don't completely dislike it. I feel like this album is better than Violent Waves and Blue Sky Noise, but On Letting Go is still my favorite. I think i like it a little better than Juturna too, but Juturna still has some of their best song they've written. I've been listening to it almost everyday and i totally dig it, but i gave this album an 8! I think, like all their albums, i see lots of potential in them, but they aren't perfect to me yet. BSN and VW seemed like great attempts in exploring new directions, but Descensus really tied it all together. Feels so much for refined and cohesive. I feel like their next set of material will be even better.
  7. Circa Survive "Descensus" Discussion

    Wow that's so cool. Really creative idea! It's interesting how much textural sound the ice makes. Got the feeling of something getting pushed through snow. I'd only be worried about all that water getting on my record player lol Yea idk why I never really got into collecting because the packaging and bonus material is always so cool. many people tell me it's probably the closest you can get to best quality sound for any song. For circa I can't imagine what that might be like cuz I've never listened to any of their vinyls, but I always hear good things.
  8. Circa Survive "Descensus" Discussion

    I'm not a record collector, but if I knew musicians did fun things like that to their vinyls I would definitely buy em more
  9. Circa Survive "Descensus" Discussion

    oh that's pretty awesome. I'd like to see that in action
  10. Circa Survive "Random" Discussion

    YES THANKYOU SEPTEMBER! so interesting to look at Esao's early work compared to now also looks like the animations aren't functional on circa site anymore daaww. Nice to look back though. Very nostalgic
  11. Circa Survive "Random" Discussion

    Does anyone remember the early circa survive website design? It was rad. It looked like it was designed by Esao Andrews. Looked like a forest at night with ghosts and skinny werwolves. I remember he was really creative with web design back in the day. His personal website too was really fun and interesting to navigate.pretty sure both were flash animated. I'd love to check it out again if that was some how possible.
  12. Circa Survive "Descensus" Discussion

    Weird is good! If anything this band needs to get more weird to create more unique experiences with their music. At least that's how I feel about it. And I agree that the title track is totally a homage to post hardcore movement. really nostalgic for me because I grew up with that stuff in my hometown.
  13. Circa Survive "Descensus" Discussion

    oh, interesting. The song they're playing in this vine probably the b-side?
  14. Circa Survive "Descensus" Discussion

    I think always begins is the worst song on the album even though it's not that bad. But it might need to grow on me a bit more. I like the way it starts off, but the song just kind of progresses into a typical rock song to me and I get kind of bored of it half way through. Phantom is a song I've always wanted to hear them make. Just chill vibes all the way through. would be cool to see them expand on that type of writing. While I really like phantom I feel like some parts of it are a little weak too. But overall pretty great song. I wonder what the b-sides of this album sound like. Hmm
  15. Circa Survive "Descensus" Discussion

    the songs i'm really feeling right now are : child of the desert, only the sun, who will lie with me now, nesting dolls, phantom, and descensus. But i think Child of the Desert is my favorite. I really feel like i'm on this crazy mysterious desert journey adventure listening it. Is it just me, but do circa survive albums ever feel like youre watching some crazy cool epic anime? Anthony Green's voice has always sounded really cartoony to me to be honest. It's just so distinct and high pitched. Maybe it's just my tastebuds melding together. i love to imagine all these crazy scenarios to their songs.