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  1. album's not called VIOLENT WAVES https://twitter.com/#!/AnthonyGreen/sta...127768591581184
  2. record's called VIOLENT WAVES http://absolutepunk.net/showthread.php?t=2656872
  3. i'm only halfway through the album, but i think it's pretty sweet.. how's nobody talking about this yet? haha
  4. is there a scan of that article anywhere?
  5. the point is, they're making the music they want to make for their own reasons. whatever the reasons are, it's clear that it was their choice.
  6. who cares whether the music is more accessible or not? you'll either like it or you won't. circa isn't the type of band to change their ideals and the music they want to play based on who or how many people enjoy them.
  7. ^reminds me of when avalon and only way to be alone leaked at the same time. great times.
  8. Circa Survive w/ Anberlin & Foxy Shazam

    just met anthony outside the venue for tonight's show in columbus.. i didn't have tickets and the show sold out so he added me to the guest list. fucking awesome, stoked.
  9. Circa Survive "Appendage EP" Discussion

  10. 3/24/10 Cleveland

    still patiently waiting for a video of act appalled. fucking sick.
  11. 3/24/10 Cleveland

    fucking. incredible. right up front at the grog? unforgettable. so much love for these dudes. anthony is a crazy motherfucker for climbing on the ceiling for pretty much all of act appalled.
  12. 3/24/10 Cleveland

    where did you get your ticket because on the grog shop website it says the show is completely sold out?
  13. 3/24/10 Cleveland

    alright sweet, I think I actually met you at a show once.. We should get a bunch of people together.
  14. 3/24/10 Cleveland

    The Grog Shop is an awesome intimate venue. If you haven't been there before, I'm sure you will love it. Also, coventry is just the road/area that the grog shop is in. There's food, shops, and a really awesome store called Big Fun, which sells toys and novelty type stuff. Right up by the entrance to the Grog, there's a bunch of room to hang out and jam so I'm hoping the guys come out and hang out. I'm going alone probably so I was seeing if anyone was going to be there early.
  15. 3/24/10 Cleveland

    Who's going to this? Anyone gonna be hanging out in Coventry before the show? Also, I may/may not have an extra ticket in case anyone is interested.