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  1. Quick Question Thread

    okay thanks, I knew "even if it reminds me" couldnt fit, but i knew for sure reminds me was in there somewhere not dream
  2. Quick Question Thread

    on Always Getting What you Want, near the end when anthony repeats "still we grow" and then he sings something kind of in the background. Does he say "even if it reminds me of the sound you always used to make" or "even if i dream of the sound you always used to make"? I think it sounds likes reminds me, every lyric site says reminds me, throughout the song it says reminds me, yet this one person keeps telling me its dream...
  3. Circa Survive "Tour Prints"

    See all of those are AMAZING pieces of art and then philly is..a badly drawn buffalo head with odd font for Circa Survive
  4. Circa Survive "Appendage EP" Discussion

    i cant even describe fully how much it makes my blood pump at the 3:07 mark of backmask when the music stops and you just hear anthony and then at 3:12 when the guitar comes back in with the echo-y scratch sound.
  5. Circa Survive "Tour Prints"

    Hmm, letdown for me. Unfortunately I couldnt go even though it was the closest venue for me. I would have thought something better for the hometown show.
  6. Circa Survive "Appendage EP" Discussion

    I was just thinking how much more i would love BSN if they took out i felt free and spirit of the stairwell and put in backmask and lazarus in there in some order. I know im going to get some gripe for saying this since those 2 seem to be fan favorites, but thats my opinion
  7. Circa Survive "Tour Prints"

    Maybe its already posted but what does the one from philly look like?
  8. Circa Survive "Appendage EP" Discussion

    Yeah it SOUNDS cheerful, the lyrics are by no means cheerful but its a total opposite feel from all your friends are gone
  9. Circa Survive "Appendage EP" Discussion

    Also, putting aside physical/digital/leaks.. HOLY SHIT FOR BACKMASK!!! thats the Circa Survive I knew and loved, awesome song. I havent gotten the shivers and smile on my face from a first Circa listen since living together. Lazarus is extremely solid too, has that old Circa feel as well. Not to mention the guitar shredding at the end was from the one sequence video! The one (idk the number) that at the end they showed random people's faces. Sleep on the ground was good for a demo, i def could see it fitting in before spirit of the stairwell As for the other 2 songs: good BSN-esque songs. I believe any of them could be switched with dyed in the wool, they all have that album closing, cheerful vibe to them. The beginning of everyway is cool but i was expecting it to go like into crazy drums or some haunting guitar, not stare like youll stay sounding guitar. EDIT: Im not all up on acoustic circa and havent really listened to the bonus tracks and what not from BSN so i never really listened to every way before this
  10. Circa Survive "Appendage EP" Discussion

    Well then thats the same reason to not wait for a physical copy. People are dissing her decision because it was the digital download not because she chose to not listen to the leaks. if people chose to wait to get it through regular mail then why not wait to get in through email if thats the option you chose.
  11. Circa Survive "Appendage EP" Discussion

    Finally it came, downloading it now. And hey, whats wrong with waiting for the digital copy? youre still holding out on a product who cares if its in your hands or on your computer?
  12. Circa Survive "Appendage EP" Discussion

    Im excited for my digital copy, i just cant listen to any of these leaks yet. I like hearing people are getting the old school circa feel from some of the songs..it makes me happy
  13. Circa Survive "Appendage EP" Discussion

    Lol alright glad we're clear on that. Its just tough for me because I really do love circa's music no matter what. People misunderstand when i say i dont like the new stuff as much, they think it means i dont like it at all.
  14. Circa Survive "Appendage EP" Discussion

    Negative, pop isnt a bad sound just not the circa sound i was used to. I still listen to blue sky noise, i enjoy the songs, i would go see a circa show in a heartbeat its just a different sound that i dont care for as much as the old sound. i.e. on a good music scale juturna and bsn are equally as high..the quality is the same, the singing and music ability is still awesome, etc. On a scale of "i like this because its different than anything else and its the type of music that im always going to associate this band with" they arent close.
  15. Circa Survive "Appendage EP" Discussion

    well put man. I like circa no matter what, and i realize no band stays stagnant and theyre always are looking for different styles. And on another note, I do want juturna-like songs so i listen to juturna more than any of the 3 albums. I just fell in love with Circa for their "dreamy", non-uniform sound. Having meet me in montauk and house of leaves be a rather mysterious ending to juturna i never would have thought they would end up sounding like this song. Not that its bad, but its just kind of poppy. Another example, my fav song off blue sky noise is fever dreams because its different (acoustic/electric/earthy) and doesnt have a particular chorus or bridge or anything.