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  1. Circa Survive "Random" Discussion

    I have a very lightly used size 7 pair of AG's Macbeth Brighton shoes (the newer brown studio project) for sale.
  2. If anyone's interested I have a size 7 pair of AG's brown Brighton Macbeth shoes I'd like to sell. Very very lightly worn.
  3. Yeah I think you both make good points and it's likely he'll be back in form soon. I remember he injured his leg in Louisville last year jumping off the stage in sound-check and going through with the show. He's a tough man and hearing all of this is scary. I legitimately get concerned for him some nights when I see them play. I know it's crazy but I do. I'm glad they postponed the show tonight and he's getting rest. Hopefully this has no major implications for the band going forward but I want them to all do what is best.
  4. I wasn't there but I saw on facebook from someone that was at the Chicago show last night that they had to stop the show for 10 minutes during Circa's set because Anthony got sick or was hurting. Something about chest pains. He came back and finished the show but they didn't play the whole set. He's getting checked out by a doctor today, hopefully it's nothing serious. Everyone send good thoughts. If they tell him to rest I hope he does, I care more about his long term health and if they need to postpone some shows so be it.
  5. I dunno he was surprisingly energetic last night despite his eye. he even crowdsurfed at the end
  6. Yeah I loved all the extra recordings, sounds, and conversations and such they played throughout the set on the Twilight Army Tour.
  7. Circa Survive - Merch

    Quite some time ago from Circa, he's doing stuff for some other bands though..pretty sure.
  8. how much is the hoodie and long sleeve shirt? Looks like $45 on the hoodie but I can't tell for sure..
  9. Violent Waves Tour - Ideal Set List

    Sleep Underground Birth of the Economic Hitman The Difference Sharp Practice Strange Terrain Through The Desert Alone Mandala Phantasmagoria Think Of Me When They Sound Resentment (doubtful) Brother Song Glass Arrows Stop The Car Bird Sounds Carry Us Away The Lottery Blood From A Stone I'll Find A Way *encore* Act Appalled Your Friends Are Gone Stolen/Meet Me in Montauk ...can you have that long of an encore? Okay this was really hard and that might be too many songs and I don't know
  10. Circa Survive "Random" Discussion

    Is it dumb that I've considered getting a safe camp tattoo in the same spot? I probably won't I guess, but I still kind of want to get a safe camp tattoo as possibly my first tattoo, I don't know. I feel like it would negatively affect regular jobs to have a tattoo on my head when my sides are short.
  11. I will trade someone a size 7 of the brown AG's from last year for a size 7 of these. The brown one's are just too small for me and I've barely worn them. Size 7 in all my other Macbeth's are fine. I will also consider just selling the brown AG's so I can buy these haha.
  12. I need these. I have two pairs of similar Macbeths..but these are expensive for me right now I NEED THEM THOUGH I wish they were on Amazon so i could use my Amazon card
  13. I've still yet to download, my self control is better than I thought.
  14. Gah I'm conflicted. I've pre-ordered two vinyl's... I want to wait, but I don't know if I have self control.