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    It was great!! Got to see them twice in two days, and even ended up with the set list from their festival set Great week!!

    How was it?! I'm heading to the Melbourne show tonight, can't wait!
  3. Circa Survive - Merch

    I figure it's a long shot, but if anyone could pick up a copy of the B-sides 7" for me? I'd be eternally grateful. I live in Aus, so the chances of ever actually getting one are next to none. I'm happy to cover all the shipping costs and stuff, I'd just really like to get my hands on one! Pretty please anyone?
  4. I didn't upload this, this is someone else's link, but for those of you looking for the video of todays studio stuff, here you go! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=WAMGIA4G
  5. Everyone here is awesome! I missed this due to time difference, so I can't wait to hear/see it
  6. Would anyone please be able to rip the webchat/performance tonight? It's on in the middle of the day Australia time and I'm going to be at work
  7. Quick Question Thread

    quick question- is anyone going to any of the upcoming anthony green shows? I really want a tee shirt, and given that I live in australia and even though I'm currently in new york(my 21st present was a trip to Ny for a week...I still missed seeing anthony and circa though hehe) I can't get my hands on on and would LOVe a tee! if you can help out, can you send me a message?
  8. Anthony Green "Avalon" Discussion

    I'm pretty sure all that stuff is going to be on it. If you look at the track numbers, the demo's and stuff follow on from the album tracks, so I figure it's going to have the album and then all the rest of the stuff
  9. Past Tour: Anthony Green 8/4/08 - 9/14/08

    I'm going to be in New York for two and a bit weeks in September...and I am hoping and praying that by some miracle it will coincide with this tour
  10. Past Tour: Anthony Green 8/4/08 - 9/14/08

    I'm going to be in New York in late September, early October....it would probably be the best thing ever if this somehow coincided with one of these shows!
  11. Awesome live set from Sydney

    for sure Mine was only 128 too :S
  12. Awesome live set from Sydney

    if you've got them mocha? post away I haven't finished splitting it all up and stuff, and people are pretty eager to hear it
  13. Awesome live set from Sydney

    Nah, this show was their only sideshow/headlining show that they played. the rest of the shows were with MCR and it was a shame because like you said, there were only a few of us really into it still working on getting the audio ripping and separated and stuff
  14. Awesome live set from Sydney

    actually man, it is one big file I used orbit too. the only thing is, orbit cuts out the very start where anthony says "this songs called I want to live in Sydney Australia' I can definately do the audio, i just need some time. and then i can always upload the FLV too when I've got time I'm glad so many people are enjoying this! Edit: actually, if you click the 'share this vid' link, and put it on a myspace or somewhere, you're able to rip it from there in FLV. too bad you're wrong
  15. Awesome live set from Sydney

    I think I've managed to rip it. now I'm just trying to figure out how to split it/convert it to something other than .FLV