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  1. I will. Neither of those people are the friend I'm talking about (my friend used to come on here, username reiver)...theirs is better quality than mine was. I thought at some point reiver had posted them on youtube, but he probably deleted his account because now I can't find it. I have that whole show on video somewhere...I found an old disc with video footage from the Saosin show at Arlene's Grocery (filmed by people at punkrockvids.com apparently?) and it made me wonder what happened to that memory card. I'll let you know if I find it.
  2. Is there still a video recording somewhere out there of AG's solo show at ICC Church in Allston, MA? I think the date of the show was sometime shortly after Christmas, 2005? No joke, my friend was the one who took that video with my old camera and I seem to have lost the memory card it was on I know it's on YouTube but I would love to have an actual download of it if anyone has a way to send it to me...
  3. Violent Waves Mosaic Poster Project

    If it makes you feel any better, I've spent all of these days thinking of a decent idea to submit, but by the time I think of one, the day is over wah, I'm not creative
  4. Every time a website begins with "Hey All!" I get over-excitedly dyslexic and think they're talking to me specifically. So circasurvive.com threw me off for a minute, in a good way. See, I'm pretty broke right now to be honest, and I really really shouldn't be spending my money on music...but I'm only making this an exception because this time, I actually KNOW that my money will be going straight to these guys. I think that's just fucking awesome. It feels good knowing that I am actually making an active choice when purchasing their album, rather than worrying about my hard-earned money going to middlemen that probably did not put forth the same effort as the musicians themselves during the production process. Also I am very relieved/excited that there's a Boston date...earlier when y'all were reposting Ticketmaster links to your dates, I was sweatin' it a little. TL;DR this mofuckin' band is the shit
  5. Next tour after the new album comes out

    If there's no Boston date, I'm gonna cry tears of sadness. If they decide to come to NH for whatever reason, I'm gonna cry tears of joy. UNH, maybe? Portsmouth Music Hall? Please?
  6. Album art is INCREDIBLE. I want a huge print of it.
  7. Circa Survive "Random" Discussion

    this may have already been posted at some point but uh...
  8. Places you've heard circa randomly?

    I heard Circa playing once at Pac Sun. It didn't impact my life in any particular way.
  9. In all seriousness, they're just pissed off because something they find ~deep~ and ~untouchable~ is being accurately mocked. I like the album, yeah, but I don't think any piece of music should be taken SO seriously than you CANNOT expect/accept someone else disliking it/not understanding it. I originally went on a rant much longer than this but bahleted it because it was just too wanky.
  10. "Hello all 5 people subscribed to me" lol I love you girl. Good work!
  11. This album came out so lovely. Congrats to Colin for great music and great success!
  12. You know you're a rabid Circa fan when...

    At least you're not like miikey, who liked to copy MY .gifs and attempt to use them against ME thinking I wouldn't notice that the URL was from MY Tumblr. PFF