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  1. Circa tats.

    I'm going to get some esao work done on my arm for my birthday. The balloon is a beautiful piece in general. I'd probably get it even if I had no idea who Circa was
  2. Which Circa lyric would you get tattoed?

    Wow, very awesome. I completely forgot about that song but I really like the lyrics of it
  3. Circa tats.

    The candle tattoo is really nice looking, and the people who don't know of Circa will think it's nice as well. But to be honest, it just seemed like you got it and then tried to think of a way to incorporate it into something to do with you.. Burning at both ends isn't something you want, I don't think. But, the tattoo is beautiful regardless. If you like it then it's all good. The tree design that someone mentioned early sounds sick
  4. Colin Frangicetto Appreciation Thread

    Thanks so much to September!
  5. Colin Frangicetto Appreciation Thread

    Someone on this board once posted a really amazing quote by Colin about not being afraid to walk into the dark. I can't find it anywhere now, someone repost it please.
  6. Morning People

    I am the most opposite of a morning person in the entire universe. I have missed so much school because I can't even bring myself to open my eyes in the morning. I am automatically in a terrible mood for the day if I have to wake up before 10. I just hate life in the morning, and only want to go back to sleep. I am way more of a night person. Being a morning person would be really nice though, you would get a lot more done I would think.
  7. haters

    Fear Before sucks live....atleast the times I have seen them. But not even half as bad as HHLL...... A lot of people hate Circa. Their sound isn't for everyone. So what.
  8. Anthony Green tour "Avalon" stories

    My favorite moment of the avalon tour was when I bought my ticket/cd for the Kansas show, and then they just said 'hey, fuck Kansas. Lets go to Nebraska instead!' and so they stole my money, not even an avalon cd. It was awesome. naw, these stories are cool to read though. I hope to GOD they are playing at least some sort of show in early November in NY.
  9. .

    This section of the board is open to any member, if you can't handle some of the things people say then don't come on...also, a good 90% of the 'negative' things said on this board are jokes or said in a joking way. Circa Survive guys have a sense of humor, can't the board have one too? ps- I think a good way to cut back on negativity for everyone, would to just be actually THINK before posting. It is mostly easy to tell when something you say can be missleading, or just idiotic. We can avoid it.
  10. Anthony Green @ Last Call with Carson Daly!

    I always feel embarrassed when I go to a Circa show and just see young girls in homemade 'I love Anthony Green' shirts. I am embarrassed that the band is going to see them, and that there are just people like that in general. Ant doesn't play solo shows in Kansas, but if he is playing in Novemeber in Long Island I guess I will be able to see the idiots for myself. Anyways, it's cool he is on the show.
  11. Favorite Subject in School

    English. But I like French too. Who the fuck would pick Math? That is ridiculous
  12. Quick Question Thread

    oh shit, me too!
  13. Anthony and Cove singing together

    I actually love it. I'm not a huge Cove fan, but it was nice to see. Their voices compliment eachother. I wish I was there, the crowd looks awesome too. PS- I myself have witnessed a push pit at a Bright Eyes show, not even joking with you.
  14. Meat

    Being a veg isn't as hard or as big of a deal as people make it out to be. You can eat pizza, just cheese. And pasta, without the meatballs. Also, soy meat is good. The people who say shit about vegs/vegans are fucking idiots. It is nobody's buisness what your diet is. People don't(shouldn't) get crap for eating meat so why should people give crap for not eating it? Just mind your buisness, it doesn't effect you really. That wasn't appointed to anyone on here, but I get rude questions like 'why do you do that? It is so stupid." When is reality, there is nothing stupid at all about it. A little loss of protein. Big deal. Oh well, I'll quit being a baby.
  15. Avalon Pre-Order/Avalon Tour Tickets

    I'm honestly so annoyed by this whole thing, I don't even know why I bothered trying. What a waste.