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  1. check these out. they fucking deserve attention! http://www.myspace.com/benjaminclarkmusic look for living together in the playlist of the myspace one. show your appreciation to these dudes.
  2. dudes the whole sydney australia set was professionally filmed and uploaded on youtube. check it out. the start of this video is also pretty funny... woops. didnt realise u guys were already on top of things. my bad.
  3. Sydney, Metro Theatre Nov 29th

    edit: no drug use assumptions, please. -Lauren
  4. Sydney, Metro Theatre Nov 29th

    the show was absolutely amazing. they completely blew me away and it honestly has to be one of the best shows ive been to. I was on ice, but that just made the show THAT much better. well done lads. was anyone else getting pissed off at those saosin kids at the front? tools.