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  1. Anthony's "Jackie Haenn Fund"

    what i'm pondering is, were these b-sides? or did he go back and record
  2. Anthony's "Jackie Haenn Fund"

    donated, im most likely gonna delete any uploads of it on it-leaked at least for a while. besides it only takes a dollar.
  3. Saosin

    no way in hell is juturna better then on letting go, idk if anyone else sees it this way but, I see on letting go as an advanced version of juturna
  4. Anthony Green "Avalon" Discussion

    Dear Child music video is FINALLY up for download in itunes
  5. if they do an ep they'll most likely put only half the songs on the lp I'd rather have it that way. more music, seriously...
  6. I hope they do release an ep that way we can have more tunes from them
  7. any label besides for Ev is fine, they scare the shit out of me with their elite agents
  8. Does anyone have Inuit sessions in 320 kpb? MUCH Appreciated
  9. Anthony Green "Avalon" Discussion

    C'mon be the first one kevin!!
  10. why wait? just send asap cause I'm sure that other people are gonna be messaging too, I got pissed cause the kazoo fucked the cover up, but it was only a small part, oh well. yeah I don't go on there much, I do a couple request music post and I'm out.
  11. try messaging the band through myspace (I would do that) what board do you know me from?
  12. well I guess you should email photofinish then, what do you mean? do I know you?
  13. if you haven't gotten it yet just wait, cause I payed more to get it faster, I'm pretty sure they're still on there way
  14. Anthony Green "Avalon" Discussion

    Got it in the mail today with the purple whistle thing