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  1. Favorite Subject in School

  2. Band you'd like to reunite

    glassJAw ugh.
  3. If my band were to do a cover...

    pixies - where is my mind or TEMPLE OF THE DOG - HUNGERSTRIKE
  4. The bet of the century

    why dont derek and muffin just bust a nut in each other and call it even
  5. Who would win in a fight?

    sense this topic is written in english, and michaelrizk can't read it; i give the fight to kevin, with the surpirise factor. he wouldn't even see it coming.
  6. As i lay dying vs norma jean

    i don't get bands like these. basically dudes who want to be cool make bands like this just to be cool.
  7. SXSW

    i'm not going anymore.
  8. SXSW

    dude that's fucked up, i was gonna give you my rice. hey, who else is going with yall?
  9. SXSW

    yeah me too, definately. fuck fajitas. and fuck sharing with some scumbag.
  10. SXSW

    sweet bro, we gonna share a fajita platter or what?
  11. SXSW

    fuck, anthony's going? :/
  12. SXSW

    fuck it im gonna come, how can i pass up some enchiladas?
  13. SI OR NO.

    if you ever regret the shave, i got some extra pubic hair we can thread into your pores. it's jet black though, so you'd best dye your hair to match; and you'd probably have to use the curling iron to match textures. but all in all, i think it'd work out.
  14. Would you do Leroy Jenkems?

    well, i invented this shit. so..yeah. and i will do it again.