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  1. Band you'd like to reunite

    where is The Promise Ring, The Get Up Kids, Jawbreaker?
  2. The Signed Guitar Contest on Interpunk

    it really sucks. i always think that contests are scams. i really want proof that it's a real contest.
  3. Saosin

    Your Friends Are Gone is epic. pretty catchy.
  4. if i get a chance to talk to circa survive, i could suggest they hire Chuck Johnson, the engineer of "Relationship Of Command." he did a great job on this album.
  5. i know that straylight run is releasing a new digital ep by themselves soon. circa survive could be thinking about doing the same thing.
  6. triple crown is a very good record label. it has my favorite artists including Hot Rod Circuit, Northstar, Brand New, etc. i'm thinking that it isn't the record label that's affecting the band's music, it is the producer that tries to give the bands shitty ideas during last minutes of recording sessions. sometime that can be a good thing. so don't worry about the record label circa survive is on, just worry about what producer they are recording with.
  7. Saosin

    nice. not what i said though.
  8. Saosin

    you tell me. where's my band? i don't have a god forsaken fucking band. i think anthony saw it coming. he knew his saosin work wasn't going to be popular throughout the decade, and he left the band.
  9. Saosin

    i wish saosin would break up, and every song they made should be destroyed. they're horrible.
  10. Saosin

    i don't like translating the name. it's shit. i used to like it, but now it's shit to me.
  11. The Sound of Animals Fighting

    i joined the band...lol just kidding. it would be great. this band was the weirdest thing ever done. i'm psyched for the new track.
  12. Saosin

    i hope their new album is going to be better than any of their other work.
  13. Quick Question Thread

    on "Living Together," what notes is nick beard playing?
  14. Straight-Edge?