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  1. Oct. 25

    Anthony Green, Moneen, Saves the Day it's the opening show for a place called Hangar 84 down the street from my house w00t!
  2. that shit was SICK what was the first band's name?
  3. that was an awesome show except some fat guy farted next to us and it smelled like hxc shit
  4. i'm gonna be there! i'm sure everyone cares!
  5. Act Appalled Cover

    gay come to NJ we need a singer also, i can't dl it could you send it to me on aim or something?
  6. Act Appalled Cover

    are you jag from a skylit drive? that was pretty sick i was thinking, "oh, another cover of the acoustic version" where are you from?
  7. Anthony Green Solo Holiday Tour Vid

    WHOA WHOA WHOA SLOW DOWN anthony green was in saosin?!?!?! OMGZ thanks for tellin me
  8. Pick my new shoes

    idk about the color, but 3 is the best
  9. Drugs and You

    erowid didn't say much about taking it orally. if it's taken with an MAOI, are the effects just as good as smoking it? cause i wouldn't want to have to smoke it.
  10. Drugs and You

    so what about DMT? is it good?
  11. Drugs and You

    anyone ever do some kind of DMT? besides every night during dreaming. wondering what it's like.
  12. (Request) Anthony Tabs, Please.

    http://circaboard.com/index.php?showtopic=4848 http://circaboard.com/index.php?showtopic=4583
  13. Dear Child

    pretty 1337
  14. If you were in charge of picking the songs for OLG....

    the b-sides didn't really carry that "fuck you, dad" feel with them they would've been out of place
  15. pretty good song i'll have to find one of them at a show and give them $5 or something, cause i don't have money in my account.