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    Guitar, music, hackey sack, driving, jammin, cigarettes, singing, open mic, Sold Short, living in Philly, hippy festivals... really hopin to go to langerado this year cos its a pretty awesome line-up, soccer, NY GIANTS... WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!, camping, nature, writing, tons of other stuff...

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  1. Circa Survive: Discography

    so this is the first time i ever heard that they did a bjork cover. that is the one tour that i missed since ive started going to see circa. the ordinary world cover was so badass tho. def better than the original in my opinion. to anyone that saw the unravel cover...how was it? as much love as i have for anthony i dont know how he could pull that off. her voice is the most haunting and beautiful voice ive ever heard in my opinion. tho im sure it was pretty good. death cabs bjork cover is okay and i dont even like death cab... but the original is still way better.
  2. Past Tour: Circa Survive Spring Tour - 4/16 - 5/29

    i agree. i have tried multiple times to get into them and i just cant do it. i pretty much cant stand them. ha and i totally disagree. i love the fact that they keep changing. i wouldnt want to here album after album that sounds just like illusion of safety or artist... this shows how talented they really are that they can still up the bar and open up so many more possibilities just as they did with their old shit at the time. at the time it was epic and like nothing anyones really done. and i feel like they continue to do that. i dont listen to them all that often but everytime they release another cd im blown away at their musicianship. i love every album of theirs. basically i will definitely be there at the philly show... which will most likely be at the electric factory. and im super stoked for it!