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  1. On Letting Go - Vinyl (Sold Out)

    OMG! Super Happy Right Now!!! LOVE this!
  2. Anthony 2009 Holiday Shows

    Here it is ENJOY
  3. Anthony 2009 Holiday Shows

    It was Amazing Joanne and I were right in front of Matt. The video came out good its a little blurry at times when anthony is looking straight at it. I think my camera likes him lol, the sound is really good soo someone please rip it when I post it : ) I am sooo lucky I saw TSOAF in Anaheim and got to hear that song again.
  4. Anthony 2009 Holiday Shows

    OMG Anthony and Matt played SKULLFLOWER ACOUSTIC!! I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Video is currenting uploading
  5. The ideal line-up thread

    Circa Survive Portugal the Man Good Old War TSOAF Muse
  6. Anthony 2009 Holiday Shows

    I will be going to the Pomona and Roxy shows and I will try to record most of it. Cant wait!!
  7. free a. green show @ Aldrich Park

    Im uploading some vids from the show, I've been super busy and barely got around to doing it : ) Enjoy! :D -eb
  8. Circa Survive - California Shows

    So I saw someone recording circa's set at Heat i wonder if its for a dvd........ :D
  9. Circa Survive - California Shows

    Did anyone happen to get 2 posters? I was going to go buy one after their set at Heat but I couldnt get out of the crowd it was soooo packed! then after N.E.R.D I went to look for the merch tent but nothing! I guess they left early or something, I was bummed I really wanted one!! So if anyone has an extra one i'll buy it : ) The Heat show was amazing by the way! so much energy and a huge stage, Anthony was all over the place : )
  10. Circa Survive - California Shows

    I hear one of the guys in that annoying group say that they were going today too : /
  11. Circa Survive - California Shows

    So the bands playing will be Endless Hallway, Halos, and Circa Surive :D
  12. Colin's Avalon Remixes

    The remixes are amazing! I cant stop listening to them! Nice job
  13. Yes Im going to this! My friend goes to UCR :D