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  1. Circa Survive: Remix Contest

    turns out i have the bass also! just need the drums =) if anyone can point me in the right direction. i've asked alot of people on youtube, waiting for a comeback.
  2. Circa Survive . Upcoming Shows

    so violent waves never got toured in the uk. unless i totally missed that upon which i would totally have been gutted! but whens the next uk tour! =(
  3. Circa Survive: Remix Contest

    the soundcloud page hasnt been active for about a year =( just want the drums and bass. i did track bass but mines really sloppy. I want to see how 1 guitar would sound with drums and bass for a 3 man jam.
  4. Circa Survive: Remix Contest

    ah that sucks, i brought BSN aswell. i wish that gave me a ticket to the stems as indrectly have them but processed to a complete product! =p just wanted the drums to re-do my youtube cover.
  5. Circa Survive: Remix Contest

    Just curious as to weither the stems became avaliable again? I only have the "i felt free" stems. 11 tracks? im after the glass arrow stems. i only have colin and brendan's guitars =(
  6. Covers From BSN

    very keen. i still have all my tracks if you want to colab the album. work our way through it or do any others. =)
  7. Covers From BSN

    Just a Few covers i've done so far from BSN. Only the 3 so far from the album. I felt Free and Imaginary Enemy are both ready to be filmed so expect more soon. Ash
  8. Lots of Covers

    All up on my youtube http://www.youtube.com/onzaash