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  1. awww I didnt know there were kitty smilies!
  2. plays ugly.. & a day in a life

    its really cool how you did this, I really like it [:
  3. Good Old War - Weak Man (Music Video)

    that one video where there are like tv's on the car he worked on?
  4. circa on hurley

    god i wish i saw them at chain reaction but it sold out both nights ]:
  5. FreshZIVE Interview

    haha thanks cookie monster!!!!
  6. As i lay dying vs norma jean

    which one of them covered b52's?
  7. rofl omg that video is amazing!!!
  8. Past: Bamboozle 08

    wow the bamboozle left line up doesnt even come anywhere close to this one. sucks for me
  9. Circa in AP Reader's Poll 2007

    haha i saw that article woo go CS!!!