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  1. Circa Survive: Lyric Sheets . eBay Auctions

    hahahahaha my max is $250 :P I know for a fact I'll get outbid though.
  2. Circa Survive - Merch

    DUDEEEEEE I've seriously been looking for that mandala hoodie for SO LONG please sell me it!!!! been looking for it since august 2008. hahahaha. http://circaboard.com/index.php?showtopic=...high&st=280
  3. Circa Survive - Merch

    WANTED: circa survive MANDALA hoodie anthony green 'you can't be high all the time' t shirt anthony green 'where do you go when it gets dark' shirt if anyone has those please PM me and i'll give you an offer!!! thanks
  4. Circa Survive - Merch

    can someone sell me a mandala hoodie, i'll pay like $70 if it's a large and in ok condition
  5. Circa Survive "Tour Prints"

    yeah there's paint on the back of mine too haha
  6. Nov 10 Seattle

    yeah it was so good! I was near the front the whole time but then i went back to crowd surf at the end of I felt Free. I bought one of those posters and a hacky sack lol so glad they closed with your friends are gone (before the encore) my ears are still ringing...
  7. Circa Survive - Merch

    wait what is the $40 fan club thing?
  8. Circa Survive - Fall Headlining Tour

    nov 10th, seattle. stoked! finally get to see them headline, so glad they're coming here again
  9. Circa Survive - Merch

    i still NEED the MANDALA hoodie. any size... I can give you an On Letting Go vinyl pic disk/1000 or On Letting Go dark blue vinyl/300. or i can pay money. haha. i will pay up to probably $60/70 or so if it's good condition and if it is a good size haha
  10. Circa Survive - Merch

    pretty sure its fake
  11. Circa Survive - Merch

    same, but i'm ordering tomorrow most likely haha
  12. Circa Survive - Merch

    has this been posted? http://www.loserkids.com/product-exec/prod.../category_id/23
  13. Circa Survive "Tour Prints"

    I wanna get mine framed but it's not standard size so it would cost me ~60 for a custom frame. Forget that... What are you guys doing, just stapeling them to your walls?
  14. Seattle, Wa May 8th, 2010

    yeah el corazon is my fav. right of the freeway, easy to get to. and it's pretty small (no barrier). security gets annoying right after the show, they rush everyone out 30 seconds after the last song. i usually try to go to the END of the line for merch haha.
  15. Seattle, Wa May 8th, 2010

    I've seen circa twice and his solo once, but have yet to meet him. Or actually never met anyone at showbox, just el corazon haha