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  1. The Sound of Animals Fighting

    I caught their first night at the troc and their show in nyc this past saturday and all I can say is WOW. They absolutely killed it. The energy was beyond words. To finally see this come together after first hearing tsoaf 6-7 years ago was unbelievably gratifying. Their stage presence, their musicianship, their ability to still put on an extremely cohesive and engaging show even with seven band members...everything was just perfect. Matt Kelly did a fantastic job filling on some backup vocal parts as well. I also thought their guitarist Steve Choi was great and it was pretty rude of Balling not to mention him in that interview. Crossing my fingers for a fourth album. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnMslJESnuk
  2. The Sound of Animals Fighting

    he at least did backup vocals on act I. possibly more but i'm not sure.
  3. Anthony Green "Young Legs" Discussion

    i'm pretty underwhelmed by this album honestly. the only song i really liked was stolen and that's probably just because i used to watch videos of him playing it outside shows years ago.
  4. The Sound of Animals Fighting

    Yeah they will be exponentially better without him. the re-release of tiger and the duke where they replaced him with someone else(still have no idea who that is) was sooooo much better. does anyone know who that was? it kinda sounds like anthony's voice pitch-shifted down an octave or two.
  5. The Sound of Animals Fighting

    got my ticket for the philly show right at noon today. so excited. and craig owens isn't gonna be at these shows right? RIGHT?! i vaguely remember something about him leaving the band and i know he wasn't on the re-release of tiger and the duke or their latest album. i just watched their live dvd and he pretty much ruined every song he sang on. i really hope i didn't just pay $42 to see him.
  6. anyone know of any pics from friday night(24th)? edit :nevermind http://www.flickr.com/photos/annaladd/7867996922/in/photostream/
  7. Circa Survive "Violent Waves" Discussion (08.28.2012)

    Exactly! after seeing that song live that part now gives me full body chills every time.
  8. Circa Survive "Violent Waves" Discussion (08.28.2012)

    Along with most circa fans i know, i could not disagree more. Compared to bsn, Violent Waves is a MASSIVE breath of fresh air. If it had been Blue Sky Noise part 2(as this reviewer seems to have wished), I would've been extremely disappointed.
  9. Circa Survive "Violent Waves" Discussion (08.28.2012)

    I find it odd that they made this comparison, i was expecting to hear a lot of comparisons between think of me when they sound and Kid A. What the fuck is that dude talking about? Blood from a stone is by far my favorite song on the album and undoubtedly one of their best ever. I doubt he was a fan of circa before writing this review.
  10. Circa tats.

    i doubt it'll ever happen but if i were to get one it would be this:
  11. Custom Circa Art/Design/Media

    wouldn't this be the coolest tat ever?
  12. Circa Survive "Violent Waves" Discussion (08.28.2012)

    not sure if they had any after the first night but the violent waves shirts are fucking beautiful. the print is about twice as big as it is on their site. i recommend it highly.
  13. wow that's awesome, they should definitely do more shows where the setlists are voted on by fans. really? i thought the heat was barely an issue compared to other times i've seen them. union transfer seems to be pretty well air conditioned. i saw them at first unitarian church once and people were passing out left and right. i think three out of the five band members threw up on stage at some point but it was still probably the most awesome circa show i've ever been to. and i think anthony said union transfer is his favorite philly venue so hopefully they'll play there again.
  14. uh, what? you know him well enough that you can request that songs be added to the setlist?
  15. I would've thought the same thing but honestly that was the highlight of the entire set. everyone absolutely lost their shit towards the very end, i've never felt such good energy coming from a crowd during a circa show and that was my tenth time seeing them. hearing stop the fucking car with the extended intro was amazing as well. and holy shit that lightshow was mesmerizing. if you have tickets to this tour you are in for a real treat.