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  1. Colin & Anthony's Paintings

    yeah man, taking pictures now
  2. Colin & Anthony's Paintings

    yeah, i just got plain black wooden frames because the sizes weren't too popular and i had to order them online.. i didn't wanna go all crazy with patterns and such or even a metal frame because i didnt want to take away from the art itself. i'm not really sure i should even put glass on them then. there really is no point if they are just going to be in my room hung next to my vinyl collection. believe it or not, the priciest frame to get was the frame to frame up the BSN signed poster that ya got with the pre-order. i got that frame in aluminum.
  3. Colin & Anthony's Paintings

    i always heard that glass has like a crazy weird reaction to canvas paintings, so i guess thats what i was worried about all this time.. but i asked nick to ask colin and colin said it should be alright, if im that worried about it to just spray hairspray on it and let it dry out in the sun. i'll probably just run out and buy some hairspray somewhere and do that because im neurotic about stuff like this lol
  4. Colin & Anthony's Paintings

    canvas paintings ... help I won 2 canvas paintings at warped tour 07 at the circa tent.... one by colin and one by anthony. I have been hesitant to frame them because I am worried about the glass interfering... I just re-did my room and painted it and such, I finally bought some frames and figured what the hell because I bought a frame to finally frame the signed BSN poster [damn that frame was pricey lol] My question is, has anyone here framed canvas paintings with any issues?? Is it just for fresh paint? etc... I guess my best bet would be hearing from someone who has some canvas paintings in a similar situation.. Thanks
  5. Circa Survive "Appendage EP" Discussion

    i can't wait until circa tours with young joc, dro, or steff. that new circa/diddy remix is supposed to be amazing. dre better release a Circa Beats line or im gonna be pissed.
  6. Creature Club

    my creature club card came today...... i didn't get the 'welcome to the creature club' paper with the signatures though.. :/
  7. Appendage EP

    got mine! (:
  8. Circa Survive - Merch

    ill post a picture for you once i get it. i'll get it when the ep's come.
  9. Circa Survive "Appendage EP" Discussion

    exactly. couldn't have said it better. just listen to it. since circa listed it on there facebook status for everyone to listen to it, its not a leak at all. if you mean as far as spoiling it for yourself before it gets to you as a actual product you can touch and feel, you have a lot of patience and excitement build-up for some reason. this isn't sex. just listen.
  10. Circa Survive "Appendage EP" Discussion

    the song's alright. it's not my favorite style of there music.. i like when they just play for fun and fuck shit up and break all these rules musically and just play to let go (for example, Inuit sessions, Juturna and OLG.) .... opposed to spending like 10 times the amount of time on just one song and making everything sound perfectly rounded around the rules of music and produce it until its just like..... well, blue sky noise sounding. lol This song seems so like perfected to the point it shouldn't even be on a EP.. it sounds like it should of replaced 'get out' on BSN for the 'hit' song on that album. i mean, the songs alright.. its better than what it could have been. just not my favorite style of circa's music as far as the actual sound of it goes. and to the people that always go "then just listen to those albums".. i will, fight me.
  11. Circa Survive "Appendage EP" Discussion

    it sounds really BSN to me lol.
  12. Circa Survive - Merch

    already ordered it when the ep was announced.. its measurements are big as hell for that price.
  13. Circa Survive "Appendage EP" Discussion

    just digital i believe. it says.. "Format: MP3. Compatible with any MP3 device (including iPhone, iPod and iPad)" your fast as fuck.