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  1. holy shit, that's great. it's even better that he's covering old Modest Mouse.
  2. i thought so too. when i told her, she said, "i don't think i sound like that. lol"
  3. you guys should watch her review of In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, it's hi-LARIOUS.
  4. Circa Survive - Merch

    as if those shorts would fit my fat ass.
  5. Circa Survive - Merch

    he would wear them
  6. LOL damnit, right as i was posting it. well, here it is: Tefa5USGymA personally i think the song fucking grooves.
  7. Circa Survive: Remix Contest

    currently working on something for Dyed in the Wool that will end up being sort of dance-y, and i plan on trying to make a somber-sounding I Felt Free. i'm trying to cut up as much from the stems as possible, even going as far as changing the pitch, tone, etc., as opposed to using software instruments.
  8. Circa Survive: Remix Contest

    i can't believe you have to be over eighteen, though, that's such bullshit.
  9. i don't care what they do with it as long as it grooves again. with BSN, and OLG for that matter, everything was so tight-knit; they didn't really leave room for anything extra. i'd really like to see them extend everything out, and really just jam.
  10. Exercise

    i usually jog at least twice a week, for about two miles, and i do some weight training. now that it's summer, i'm starting to swim every day, in the morning. feels good bro
  11. i think it's interesting that he still puts his solo demos as Moshtradamus
  12. Saosin

    what an asshole. he meant the phrase 'my face when', which he used in the first sentence. and if you're going to insult someone based on their grammar, at least have the common decency to use it yourself.
  13. Anthony Green . East Coast Shows

    eh, i don't think so. he's played Julian at solo shows before, even after Avalon was released, i believe. but as far as the whole, "why now?" debate, i think maybe he just feels like he's able to look back on that era of his life with admiration now, as opposed to resentment. it's been over seven years (lol) since he left Saosin; i think at this point, he sort of realized he's no longer living in the shadow of Translating the Name. he's spent a lot of years of hard work committing himself to Circa and to his solo stuff, and now he's able to forget about all the shit that went down and just enjoy himself. it's sort of like how vocal Weezer had been about their dislike of Pinkerton, but in the last couple years have confessed their love of it, and they're even re-touring on it.