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  1. Circa Survive: Discography

    There is a Circa Survive song I downloaded a bit ago called The Most Dangerous Commercials. I didn't see it on the original post list, but I recommend everyone check it out. It stomps.
  2. Canto About Your Friends Are Gone

    All Your Friends Are Gone A distorted voice, static and subtle, Crescendos steadily, erecting a unique ambience. Masked, the voice repeatedly chants, “All your friends are gone.†It unexpectedly slows, with increasing atmospheric quality, Which ushers in a drastic change. Suddenly, snare accents and a constant bass drum Bring about a new course of direction. Intense, high-pitched strings vibrate with sliding fingers, As an underlying jingle remains inconspicuous. The resonation of various clashing cymbals Marks a transition, and a divine, green* Voice integrates all instruments together calmly. A distinct opening and closing of the hi-hat, Paired with a smooth, powerful bass create A memorable backdrop. A haunting guitar amplified By delay effects strengthens the singing voice, Which says, “Playback, delete and rewind.†As the last word is sung, it blends as a layer With more singing, and the existing mood deepens. This new, conveyed feeling is maintained briefly, And soon the sound of crash cymbals And toms follow the green voice as It carries the song into the chorus. With a quicker pace and fresh energy, The drummer goes bananas, striking each individual Instrument of his set many times throughout the movement. The lead guitarist shreds cleanly unlike Any other, while the beautiful voice Augments, coming to a near scream at The end of the movement. This intense Energy is nearly released, as all the instruments Return to the former mood with clashing cymbals. The pureness and skill of the music Soon overwhelm the listeners in a Beautiful way, and the audience swoons. *The lead singer’s name is Anthony Green. The band is Circa Survive. (obviously in this context) Post your poems and other art concerning Circa Survive!
  3. PAST TOUR: Warped Tour 6/29-8/25

    The indy show was great. I loved it when Nick told everyone to blow up their free condoms and set them afloat. Then he said, "Don't kid yourself, you guys know you aren't getting laid today" The Sun Giveth And The Sun Taketh Away was great too
  4. The Sound of Animals Fighting

    I meant that boths CDs have a similar amount of noise content. Pardon any miscommunication. Thanks for clarifying Echoed Words =). I do skip multiple tracks on both CDs (Interludes, Chiriacho Summit, Prayers on Fire, etc.) St. Broadrick Is In Antarctica is a very good song in my opinion. I have had it stuck in my head multiple times heh.
  5. The Sound of Animals Fighting

    I love The Sound of Animals Fighting, I have both CDs. I own the dvd too. It's pretty good, but i was a wee tad dissapointed with Stockhausen and This Heat. They were good performances, but i thought they could have been better. I like Craig Owens and Chiodos (and Cinematic Sunrise) :D . Now when discussing TSOAF's CDs, i understand why people like the first one and not the second one, or vice versa. They are two pretty different sounds overall. I think that it is a lame excuse when people say they don't like Lover, the Lord Has Left Us because it just "noise". What do you think Overture, Interludes 1, 2 & 3, and Postlude are?