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  1. Circa Survive "Violent Waves" Discussion (08.28.2012)

    Another remix contest! Haha.
  2. Circa Survive "Violent Waves" Discussion (08.28.2012)

    This is amazing.
  3. Let Me Go( Meet Me In Montauk

    Loving the shit out of this.
  4. Saosin

    Good times.
  5. Circa Survive "Violent Waves" Discussion (08.28.2012)

    It reminds me of this book I had to read for my English Comp I class, called Confessions of an Economic Hitman.
  6. Circa Survive "Random" Discussion

    Maybe you've met less people than there are names.
  7. Circa Survive: Remix Contest

    Very much in love with this: http://soundcloud.com/jahndala/circa-died-trees-beemix
  8. Circa Survive: Remix Contest

    Anyways, you really should post it, Marc.
  9. Circa Survive: Remix Contest

    Wow. I fucking love it, man. 2:23 puts me in heaven, and I almost missed the subtle children's choir during that part, but it's just right.
  10. Circa Survive: Remix Contest

    Thanks a lot, guys! It means a lot. It was fun for sure, and I learned a lot from the contest (Like how people want their remixes in the same time signature as the original song, but hey, I'm surprised I even got a remix done.) And Billy, you should definitely post yours on here.
  11. Circa Survive: Remix Contest

    I never mentioned it on here before, but I figured I'd finally share. I found out around the 10th that my "Glass Arrows" remix luckily ended up being a winning submission. I ended up filling out, notarizing, and sending the company what they needed last week!
  12. Circa Survive: Remix Contest

    Moderation has started for anyone who hasn't noticed. Also: http://soundcloud.com/countlessothers/dyed...-wool-countless Amazing.
  13. Circa Survive: Remix Contest