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  1. plays ugly.. & a day in a life

    here you go bud, ò-ó
  2. Circa Survive "Blue Sky Noise" Discussion

    Colin Thomas Frangicetto in the stuuuuuuuudizle. för 5 timmar sedan · Kommentera · Gilla Greg Kerr Awesome! Where/who did you guys decide on? för 4 timmar sedan Colin Thomas Frangicetto yo greg! we re in toronto with david bottrill. hes worked with tool, king crimson, silverchair, muse, peter gabriel and shit ton of others. its goin awesome! för 2 timmar sedan ------------ no idea if you guys already know this! havent been on here for a while
  3. Happy Birthday Anthony Green!

    word up, happy birthday!
  4. can i find this intro with better quality somewhere? i love it :D
  5. Circa Survive "Blue Sky Noise" Discussion

    agreed with the two above----- the new video isn't what i expected really, but "ssolata".. man have i heard it a million times :D
  6. 8/7 Grog Shop Photographs

    wierd, my anti virus (nod32) wont let me visit the link you posted.. something about a trojan virus
  7. Frozen Creek

    now it does, my bad
  8. Frozen Creek

    anyone wants to help me tab frozen creek out?
  9. Circa Survive "Blue Sky Noise" Discussion

    Well said! -----anyway, i soo can't wait for this album, anyone who knows anything about the release date?
  10. plays ugly.. & a day in a life

    Haha wow! that sounds like an intro(/outro) to a movie or something, great work :]
  11. Circa tats.

  12. plays ugly.. & a day in a life

    good! i wasnt sure ppl would get it, hehe yeh i hope they will
  13. hello i was listening to jeff beck's "a day in a life" and couldnt stop thinkin about how much it reminded me of plays ugly for daddy, if you dont know what i mean youll get it soon (by listening to the track) anyway, i decided to work the two songs together somehow just to get it out of my head :] so, here it is! tell me what you think: http://www.speedyshare.com/321974608.html Jeff Beck - A Day In A Life Anthony Green - Plays Ugly For Daddy (Live at the Trocadero) edit: i should mention that a day in a life comes in after ~25secs
  14. Anthony's "Jackie Haenn Fund"

    just donated will listen to the songs soon porr little beautiful girl..
  15. Circa Survive - Merch

    Holy fuck. gief pliz :]