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  1. Anthony Green @ Last Call with Carson Daly!

    Carson Daly is the worst late night host, he's so unfunny you can tell that even he thinks he's not funny. Anyways, did anyone notice how he kept emphasizing "first TV performance" like he wanted to make sure he got credit for discovering Anthony Green? I dunno, that's the vibe I got from him... He probably thinks he's cool because Katy Perry blew up..
  2. I think the point Kevin is trying to make though is that Avalon is getting exposure far beyond the "scene" which already knows about it. I agree with him, it seems like Equal Vision never really promoted Circa Survive, and if they did it really was never to the extent that Photo Finish/Atlantic has with Avalon. It's an interesting thing to point out, and I never really thought about that.
  3. Anthony Green @ Last Call with Carson Daly!

    Anthony is the headliner though. As an opening band you really can't expect for the crowd to go wild for you. It's difficult to go nuts for a band that you've never heard before...
  4. Circa and Thrice seem to tour together quite a bit... Maybe a Vagrant/Circa Survive deal is already in the making? I'm sure that doesn't necessarily mean anything, but if the guys in Thrice maybe talk to Circa about it who knows...
  5. Anthony Green @ Last Call with Carson Daly!

    I can't get the site to work... Anyone else having trouble? Also what's with the e-mail that has a weird MySpace external link thing? But yeah, if I manage to get some tickets I'm there...
  6. Vagrant seems like an odd label for Thrice... Not sure if i have a great explanation why, but I just feel like it is. As for Thursday, I think they fit on Victory. Although that seems quite weird too. I think maybe it's because I associate both Thrice and Thursday with Island. It's going to feel strange when Circa settles on a label, because I associate them with Equal Vision
  7. Now I know why everyone loves September so much... You're awesome man.
  8. Ah, I just read a little bit about it. I didn't realize that they parted ways with Island. I'm not entirely sure I understand what went wrong because what I read wasn't very specific, but that's interesting to know.
  9. Well, Dustin's solo stuff is just that - solo stuff. He's said plenty of times that the reason he recorded and released that album was because it was material that just wouldn't work for Thrice. Kind of like what Avalon is for Anthony Green (to some degree). P.S. I am making the assumption that you're referring to Dustin's solo work...
  10. I get the same vibe from Circa that I get from Thrice. Which is that they aren't going to bend easily to a major label, forcing the label to bend to their demands. I feel like if they did sign to a major, their music would still be great. Some may disagree with me, but I felt Thrice never lost it after signing to Island. They just... grew up and matured. Which of course is much different than 'Selling Out'. So to the person who said they hated Island Records, I don't mind them much at all, so long as they let the band do their thing (which they have done with Thrice). Well, that's my two cents.
  11. if circa played at your house

    Chocolate Rain.
  12. If you could upload the .avi's that'd be really cool. edit: That's an awesome audio rip man.. Thanks so much, brings me back to that amazing night
  13. Act Appalled acoustic cover

    I think that with the guitars the harmonics need to be hit quicker (it's a little lagged) so it flows better. The harmonics just aren't very clean.. I just mention this specifically because that's my favorite part of the acoustic version . Otherwise, it sounds good. I like the vocals a lot. Your singer sounds natural. It doesn't sound like he's trying too hard to sound like Anthony (like a lot of singers try to do when covering Circa/A.Green songs).
  14. Anthony Green's/Circa Survive's Macbeths . Custom Shoes

    They should make some custom Vans with Esao Andrew Circa Survive art. Like the cover for OLG... I'd definitely get a pair of those. These are alright. I'm like most of the other people here - I just don't think that shade of green is very attractive.
  15. Band you'd like to reunite

    I'd wet my pants if ATDI played a reunion show. And since RATM is seemingly back together, they are definitely on the top of my list. Also, The Mars Volta are still amazing. I'll admit it, Amputechture made me feel like they were starting to fall off.. But The Bedlam in Goliath blew me away. And Sparta? They couldn't have gone downhill since they were never on the hill to being with IMO.