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  1. 2/28/11 Phoenix, AZ w/Linkin Park

    yeah i think i might skip it. not a fan of linkin park fans lol
  2. Drugs and You

    agreed. same with acid or shrooms
  3. Circa Survive - Fall Headlining Tour

    i missed it and it makes me sad
  4. The Sound of Animals Fighting

    i think they will get together again and make a new album. i dont think they'll play shows though
  5. Audience of One

    ipod messedup and had to restore. need to re download. i really like them for some reason. my ipod feels weird with out it
  6. Circa Survive - WatchMojo.com Interview

    my favorite part also
  7. Girls

    i think i have only seen pictures of a couple of ppl on the list and i have a bad memory
  8. Circa Survive "Random" Discussion

    ill kick you!!!!!!!! i dont know why ppl post videos of themselves like this. you will kick yourself in the balls looking back
  9. Creature Club

    he sounds identical
  10. Drugs and You

    do it!
  11. Circa Survive "Imaginary Enemy" Music Video

    eh..its alright but not my fav
  12. Would you ever consider..

  13. Would you ever consider..

    same here, 2 of my favorite bands and i dont care if it would not blend i wanna see them on tour together lol
  14. Circa Survive "Blue Sky Noise" Discussion

    i know what you guys mean i was just talking about this with my friends. jututna is still my fav but dont get me wrong i still love everything they have done