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  1. Anthony Green "Avalon" tour pictures

    He always seems to be wearing a blue button up or a greyish T-shirt.
  2. Circa Survive Cursive Font.

    It is a font now, I'm sure.. Someone just makes it happen every time some designer releases a font.
  3. New Year's Eve-Starland Ballroom w/Thursday

    Excellent. My bf's been the biggest asshat over this, as though anyone gives a shit about new years eve. i'll let you know
  4. Music with Screaming

    I really enjoy certain bands with screaming.. But I absolutely despise music that just screams for the sake of screaming to be metal. These scene kids that listen to metal just because it's metal and you can't go wrong when it all sounds the same kinda irritate me. My friend looked at me like I was boggling her mind when I told her Bless the Fall is horrible and I left in a pissy mood.
  5. New Year's Eve-Starland Ballroom w/Thursday

    I'm in CT but I wanna goooo.. I've been to Starland before. The boyfrand will supply my ride if any of you guys who live in the area need one wanna take a train to my parts. Unless he's mad sick of seeing circa haha then me and ely should make plans edit: yeah wow he's being a pissy douche. i thought he'd have figured out that dating me would be like dating me and circa survive but he's being whiny. "i think you could live without circa one time but fine" i'll leave his dumb ass behind and go to new jersey myself
  6. NYC Oct 12 @ Nokia Theatre

    Still boring as fucking hell. I don't have the patience for 10 minutes of lame, repeated instrumentals. If I'd wanted to watch instrumentals, I'd have spent my money to see explosions in the sky. People were pretty fucking rude to them but I can't say I cared much because they were pissing me off. Fear Before was alternately pretty good and bad for me... I liked them a lot more last time I saw them. :/ I hated how he changed his voice, it was so creepy and I just didn't dig it.
  7. NYC Oct 12 @ Nokia Theatre

    HAHA... Wow I would never have thought of that. And yeahh we had fun rofl.
  8. NYC Oct 12 @ Nokia Theatre

    OH hha... Now I know how you found mah myspace. I got on this morning and I was just like umm... whut. I hadn't even given you my naaame rofl. Haii!! Ours was um... sooper bad hahaha. I just didnt have the attention span to pay attention to that shit. We never yelled at them to get off the stage but when they finally left, my boyfriend started chanting "ONE MORE SONG" to be a jackass and he had to be incapacitated.
  9. NYC Oct 12 @ Nokia Theatre

    I was on the barricade and I thought I saw dicap taking pictures but I couldn't get his attention. And the bubbles were sick... but they taste like shit! Hahah i inhaled a bunch on accident. Their merch dude was like "Hey.. were you at warped tour?" I was like "Yeah... why?" He said, "I remember you. You had a wet shirt." I started laughing and said "Bayside's merch guy got me with a super soaker." He said he was good with faces. At some point I yelled "YOUR BUBBLES TASTE LIKE SHIT!" haha.. wonder if you guys heard me. I also yelled for them to play Kicking Your Crosses Down... which they did! I was so happy. There was some dumb girl behind me trying to manuever her way into the barricade and kick me out, and I wouldn't let her, so she kept jabbing her elbow into the back of my neck and pulling my hair. I was going to turn around and knock a ho out. > I had on this hoodie with really brightly colored stars, on the left side of the stage too. Nokia Theatre is an amazing venue.. Man I want to do it all again.
  10. NYC Oct 12 @ Nokia Theatre

    idk If it's pouring like it was yesterday, I'm taking a train that gets in at 5:15.. I don't want to be standing around NYC getting rained on. 203 243 5231 Call meeee and we'll find each other. My hair is so hard to miss.
  11. NYC Oct 12 @ Nokia Theatre

    whyyy the show opens at 6:30, so I wanted to give us time for playing.
  12. NYC Oct 12 @ Nokia Theatre

    I think we should meet where Geoffrey the Giraffe has the photo shoot stuff inside Toys R Us at 4:00 pm.
  13. NYC Oct 12 @ Nokia Theatre

    I'm leaving on the train either at 1:12 or 2:12... My boyfriend is on the "can pick up early from school list" so he may get me before 6th period ends (Good... gym blows.) If not, we'll just JET after school and catch the 2:12. So i'll be in NYC between 2:30 and 3:30!
  14. On letting Go at walmart

    Why does it matter? The uglier, poorer population of every town needs some circa too. I do say that from experience, working in a Subway inside Walmart. We get some nasty people. But really, my dad used to live in this little hick town out in the woods where we had a gas station, a pet groomer, a bar, a horse-tack store, a Safeway, and a Walmart. Where else would people buy their Circa?
  15. In Fear and Faith.

    Wow.. i never really looked at that. Awesome.. Especially because I'm about to write my 4th report on this book. I just do it year after year because it's so incrdibly easy to connect it to anything. I looooooove this book!