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  1. the progression of circa

    haha half a boner. that is just what i got. nicely put man
  2. how many cd's has circa sold to date

    haha good question. i would say a million kabillion as well.
  3. The Official "Request Circa Survive Files" Thread

    if theres a full band version of miracle sun i would be the happiest man in the world
  4. Brendan's Blog

    yeah wow brendan writes so amazing. i hadnt gone to the show but i heard that ours was getting like shit on basically. When i went tothe twilight army tour, i heard people giving keating or now known as paper rival shit. and it really brought me down, and i couldnt even imagine what it did to themselves. i fell in love with keating, and i coudlnt understand how someone could not like them. they are amazing. thanks for writing that brendan.
  5. Circa Interview

    yeah it will.
  6. Circa Survive Songs as Metaphors

    when i think of glorious nosebleed i tihnk of me sleeping cause whenever i was in high school i would listen to circa survive and put my head down and id always fall asleep by the fourth song. wake up during stop the fuckin car. also in fear and faith reminds me of the winter when i was going out with this girl, cause everytime i was with her i had this song in my head for some reason. good ol memories. holding someones hair back reminds me of irving plaza in ny cause that was when i first saw circa like 3 years ago, and it was amazing and i recorded that song of my camera. oh hello reminds me of the twilight army tour because i dunno it just does. and that was my favorite concert. what an array of amazing bands.
  7. Song Meanings..

    I was reading something about this, follow five footsteps is about Eternal Sunshine. Something about the girl going back into her boyfriends door when she comes back for him.
  8. Your Friends Are Gone

    yeah dont feel bad, i havent seen them in forever, cause things keep coming up whenever they come close to my town. it sucks.
  9. Your Friends Are Gone

    thats all your friends are gone
  10. Circa Survive Acoustic Cover

    thats a good cover, nice job.
  11. Circa Survive Acoustic Cover

    Today i was thinking to myself... I wonder if people made or (tried to) cover a circa survive song acoustic. I suck at guitar and I would like to see if anyone knows any Circa survive song acoustic. i know act appalled is probably the most famous and miracle sun. If anyone has an acoustic song they recorded themselves with or without theyre singing, i'd like to hear it. cause im a singer and i was wondering if you guys would kindly do the guitar and i would sing it, or try to that is.
  12. Saosin

    ttn is amazing. new cd is ok. but yeah saosin lost what they used to be, now they are like poppy and boy band material. but they still are good. i dont know why they do anthony's stuff cause i went to a concert and cove lost his voice during translatin the name.
  13. Song Meanings..

    i believe handshakes is about leaving saosin as well as great golden baby. but they titled the song handshakes because of collin and anthony shaking hands when he got off the airplane comin back from california when he left saosin.
  14. Anthony's "Stage Presence"/Dancing

    yeah omg especially that one from arlenes grocery. but yeah ive noticed that about his dance moves too. like esp in living together and in the morning and he moves the mic with his hands to the drum pattern or beat. but wow u really specialize in this.
  15. Anthony's Vocals

    im pretty sure the highest note he hit was by influence at the end of juturna. but as for the coaching i dunno. this was on the other circa board awhile back. wow i mean at the end of act appalled