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  1. definitely, but I meant in regards to some sort of protective services for kids. I've heard of kids taken from parents because of things like this. I MOST DEFINITELY don't wish this on him but can't info like this be used against him?
  2. Isn't this something ag should be really careful with announcing considering he has kids?
  3. got my vinyl about a week ago. california resident.
  4. I feels you bro. I feels
  5. Bird Sounds reminds me a lot of Sparta(the band). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPGm-IwwyA8&feature=relatedBird Sounds reminds me a lot of Sparta(the band).
  6. i have a good feeling about the album with "The Birth..." being the intro.
  7. glad that there's one guitar to each headphone most of the time.
  8. MTB and Circa on the same day?
  9. "Violent Waves are coming... Monday."
  10. best opener for them was TREOS and P.TM. for sure.
  11. Creature Club

    damn. well can anyone hook me up with the lazarus demo