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  1. fuck all the rich disney stars they are not musicians they are music robots make money!
  2. If you had to pick one Circa Survive song

    its almost to hard to tell great golden baby or close your eyes to see to hard to pick maybe an album i could pick
  3. Circa touring with saosin?

    haha i love rumors so funny
  4. Happy Birthday Anthony Green!

    happy birthday! see you guys soon
  5. AG article (AZteen)

    yeah no problem man
  6. AG article (AZteen)

    its good http://www.azteenmagazine.com/band-reviews.php?article=456
  7. Anthony Green's Tattoos

    yes it was dredg
  8. charity tee w. original art by colin frangicetto {miles to go}

    awesome shirt i got one by the way greg i love all the designs you got i might get some for some presents if i gots the money
  9. Anthony's "Jackie Haenn Fund"

    i donated great songs best of luck to jackie and her family
  10. Colin's Avalon Remixes

    haha i know i saw it when i woke up and was like hell yes cant wait
  11. Circa Play Counts

    i dont last.fm that much to much shit i would rather use pandora or my computer or car
  12. Unravel cover

    very impressive you will be going somewhere
  13. Circa Play Counts

    like give me an example is it like genre kinda? so if i think circa is experimental i would tag them as that and is it something i should do or is it not a big deal??
  14. Circa Play Counts

    hey guys i just started using last.fm and i was just wondering if you guys could tell me why i should or would i use tagging? thanks so much
  15. Which Circa lyric would you get tattoed?

    it would rap around my leg three times thats why its so long