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  1. Circa Survive Fall Tour 2011

    Word what the fuck is up with that.
  2. Circa Survive Fall Tour 2011

  3. Saosin

    I think its pretty lame. The band should just break up already
  4. my sister takes art classes on saturdays at adelphi and she saw a flyer in the building and she messaged it to me. its 25$ if your not a student and 15 dollars if you are.
  5. I know I'm going to this since this is 5 min away from my house.
  6. Creature Club

    IMO I would just give it to the members you know and trust (and support them as much as you excluding CC membership) and not n00bs if I was in you're situation. I'm not gonna pm anyone just because of how I myself would probably feel in that situation. Even though I want those songs badly. I'm def gonna purchase the CC membership before there next tour for sure.
  7. I remember Bob Nanna and Anthony were supposed to collaborate a long time ago....I wonder what happened to that
  8. Anthony Green Appreciation thread

    Honestly, Anthony should start a screamo side-project. He has the most legit scream ever.
  9. Holy shit, Casey and Anthony collab....I just jizzed in my pants
  10. Creature Club

    @Pat You don't have to be a dick. I can see your point but its easier said then done. I would have easily bought the creature club package a while back if only my iPod wasn't stolen and I have to buy a new one and on top of that I'm in school (and paying tuition for that) and can't get a job until the summer. If anyone on CB asked me for the demos who was in a similar situation like myself I would have been more then happy to give them the mp3s. It's just a few files and only a small fraction of the Creature Club membership. Just saying.
  11. The Bamboozle

  12. Circa Survive "Tour Prints"

    I think you're crazy that you wanna sell it
  13. Circa Survive "Tour Prints"

    i dont have a frame yet and i really wanted to put it up in my room
  14. The Sound of Animals Fighting

    if anyone sells their seven inch please message me