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  1. hey!sorry ive been absent for a while, ill try and rip this soon, such a good fucking setlist.
  2. awww beat me t it, was about to post. >.< thanx though
  3. sorry havent loggeed on in a while, will try and start ripping some stuff.
  4. im out of town for the weekend, i will pm you guys when i get home saturday night.
  5. hmmmmm should i reveal? hmmm...
  6. Circa Survive & Anthony Green "Media Archive"

    Circa Survive Live at Waterstreet Music Hall, Rochester NY, 1/28/11. Circa Survive - Every Way (Live @ JBTV HD Soundstage) Circa Survive - Get Out (Live @ JBTV HD Soundstage) Circa Survive - I Felt Free (Live @ JBTV HD Soundstage) Circa Survive - Imaginary Enemy (Live @ JBTV HD Soundstage) Circa Survive - Interview @ (JBTV HD Soundstage) finally if there are anymore rips anyone needs, just post up links and ill get to it as soon as possible. enjoy.
  7. im just gonna make the interviews a segment and the performances individuals.
  8. so... i ripped all interviews and performances, should i make it one big 30 minute segmeny? or upload them individually?
  9. got these tonight, they're 1280 x 720 so the files are pretty big in size. imma rip the JBTV videos tomorrow. Anthony Green - Stone Hearted Man (PureVolume Sessions) Anthony Green - Miracle Sun (PureVolume Session) Anthony Green - Plays Ugly For Daddy (PureVolume Sessions) ill just post here and september work your categorizing skills and update this with the other thread. thank you
  10. thanks dude, ill do JBTV vids today and any others if you guys want.
  11. september, if i can get a list of the vids you guys need ill get on top of them. ill do the ones on the recent pages, but if you give me a list ill do it as well. since schools out for the summer ill have time on my hands. - lupe
  12. imma get on top of those videos today, will have them up later.
  13. Esao Andrews painting Blue Sky Noise album artwork: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=P33C9UXK there you go.
  14. here you go: Colin Frangicetto, "Handshakes at Sunrise" here you go:Tour Sequence 1
  15. if anyone wants anymore rips, just ask. im free most of this weekend. send me them links haha.