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  1. Acoustic/vocal cover

    Haha. Sorry that you thought I was bored. I just tried recording this about ten times; between the dog barking, phone ringing, me missing the record button (and not noticing until I'm done), I was sort of just glad to be done. They'll get better. I'll be putting more up, soon, hopefully. This is a completely new experience, and the camera made me nervous. I've taken a total of, like, 5, pictures in the last year. Haha. Not my thing. Thank you so much for watching though, that's all I really ask. Oh, and those chords are pretty simple; they are as follows: e|--------------|| b|--------------|| g|--6--8--9--9--|| d|-----------6--|| a|--4--6--7--7--|| e|--5--7--------|| and e|--------|| b|--------|| g|--6--8--|| d|--7--9--|| a|--7--9--|| e|--5--7--|| I don't have a guitar handy, but I'm pretty sure that's it. And thanks jerrid, appreciate it. Keep an eye out for more!
  2. Acoustic/vocal cover

    It's not Circa, I know, I'm cheating. Haha. But check out my cover of There's Always That One Person... by Zolof. I hope to have more videos up soon, I"m brand new to this sort of thing. Edit: ...I forgot the link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9p1Aw3dbnEs
  3. Anthony Tabs

    That's actually a lot easier.
  4. Anthony Green Appreciation thread

    Thanks. It was kinda fun. I just felt/still kinda feel like a complete retard for doing it. The unorganization was the worst part.
  5. Anthony Tabs

    I know now. I'm content with what I got. Pointless thread.
  6. Anthony Green Appreciation thread

    So I went to an open mic last night at a coffee shop(not intending to play). Due to lack of people and performers, me and my friend decided to play acoustic. We run to all our houses and pick up two mini-acoustic guitars, and bass guitar/amp. We get back, and the place is filled, and my other friend who stayed already signed us up to play first. The owner of the coffee place tells us that they're waiting for the mayor to arrive, then we can start. So ask our little group, "what are we playing?" ........"we don't know anything" The mayor comes, I tell her to give a little more time. We argue for like 20 minutes. Decide we're all going to perform seperatly. I decided to announce everyone. The bassist for my band here plays, what I called "a booty shakin' solo". Other kid plays "an improvisational drinking-coffee-song". I play...Stonehearted Man by Anthony Green...well kinda. I didn't even try, I was nervous. I don't sing in front of people. So I sing very half-heartedly. I let the "we're all fucked up" part slip on accident once. I felt like a fucking retard, if I was going to do it, why not try? It was really bad. I didn't do Anthony proud. Now everyone in that coffee shop will never bother listening to him. Then this guy played a drum solo, really good. Sorry for typing that all out. It's an interesting read...perhaps.
  7. Anthony Green "Avalon" Discussion

    Don't worry, you were my second choice. It was a tough call.
  8. Anthony Green "Avalon" Discussion

    I just had to make up the writing GRAD test. The prompt was "If you could spend the entire day with anyone, who would it be?" I totally picked my boy Anthony Green.
  9. Anthony Tabs

    Only thing I really see at first glance is that it's lacking Stonehearted Man. I'm not great with chords, otherwise I could do this myself.
  10. Anthony Tabs

    I want a full Avalon tab. Like every song. Acoustic and album version actually. I know there's a lot of the tabs scattered around. I think there should just be one topic for all Anthony's songs. I see a lot of people making forums requesting them.