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  1. Anthony Green . 10.14.2013 . Instagram "Recording demos for this children’s album that I’m trying to put out around Christmas. What makes a song a “kids “song. Just becuase it’s for kids doesn’t mean it has to be dumb right?" sdupreebemis Ohmygosh im so glad you're finally doing this! anthonygreen666 @sdupreebemis me to! It's taken a long time to get everything moving but it's coming along great. Would love for you and max to contribute of your down! Can't wait for more perma jams! Send you guys some stuff soon. Trying to figure out the fictitious cartoon band that will release it under. stephanyg666 What ever happend to making a children's book ? anthonygreen666 @stephanyg666 the book is going to be release with the album as well as a kids clothing line designed by @meredithgreen katwoughter A great kids song is made up of lyrics an adult that is stuck listening to over and over that aren't lame and fun instrumentals for the actual kids anthonygreen666 @katwoughter I agree with you completely. The content is about youthful stuff but in general it's just like making any other record tigerbrettlee Is @goodoldkeith recording with you? Because that would be great news anthonygreen666 @tigerbrettlee yes @goodoldkeith is helping me. He is my guru brianfantana Mini xylophones anthonygreen666 @brianfantana yeah like very song is going to have them in it haha 2d anthonygreen666 My favorite song was "everything I do" by Bryan Adams for the Robin Hood theme song. I was obsessed. And Kokomo by the beach boys I put on concerts for my family just singing Kokomo over and over childrens album / childrens book / children's clothing ...x-mas