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  1. Circa Survive - The Inuit Sessions [2004] (2005) Suspending Disbelief Twilight army coming home, armor made of stone. He who recollects- forgive us. On the way down we understand what it means to break down. On the way out you decided you believe that on the way out it's too late. It's the same, all the lines you all used to know. Trembling with no limbs, crow skin; a perpetual startled breed. The ache, no one to fight. The writing was still traced and shy and never really aimed to show you. Still watching you only know what words good for are. Mistaken what you always want before you know. Handshakes At Sunrise Arrive, open your eyes, I'm freeing you. Take time for passers by to meet with. We want it all. My friend I'm afraid I've lost forever. The scream within the misteaching of a metaphor. Breathing out the lie, I've been fooled. We won't stop until the dawn has given its all to you. A warm appraisal hides behind an audience member. The last thing that I want, freeing us all. Who are replacing us. Circa Survive - Juturna [2004] (2005) Holding Someone's Hair Back Don't say a word. Don't be grateful if I ever made you laugh. Let's make believe what's at stake here's more than just your reputation. She's got the photos, but no recollection. He's got the motive, but no transportation. Purely courteous across my chest. Are you cutting me out now after crawling inside? Turn away your head. What do I deserve instead? It's a surprise you haven't caught on yet. It's nothing personal, you're an embarrassment. Don't cut me out. We're offering nothing but the best accommodations, just tell us who you are. Act Appalled You walk straight, not like them. To fool them in, make it seem like you're in trouble. Make a sound, fake it enough. What made you so scared? Maybe you're mistaken for someone who cares. If you remember, I've been trying to get back to the center. I'm sure it's not like it was before. To make them drink, tell them that it's only water. No one leaves until we figure it out. Patience. Both we and our words are over-produced by influence. Wish Resign Alter and teach the ages. Nothing you love lasts too long. A marvelous calm abandon in the stages of birth. Mother vs. the midwife. Who'll tell the children about her life? That's why you never mentioned my name to them. Denying us all of the movement. What brought you back to this place? I knew you'd never learn. Anything expected of you now. I knew you'd never learn. I'll place my bet down now, you'll be the first one to tell me out. The Glorious Nosebleed Forced, we forced feeding you lines, feeding you. Look how high I'm jumping from. You'll never make it. I know what it feels like giving into something you don't understand. Walk into the light. Giving into something you don't understand. This sort of thing gets you out of mind right before impact. Calcium waste, litter and falling like icicles. Guess who's next? You're just as guilty as them. In Fear And Faith Can we last through the winter, the weather's starting to freeze. The only one who remembers taking the wrong step, falling in front of me. My body's already aging, these nights are already long. And if I last through the winter, I swear to you now I won't call. Congratulations, go home now. Will we last through the winter, will we make it to see. I never wanted a partner and I never loved you, now you are free to leave. This heart is already frozen, I can't remember to thaw. And if I last through the winter, I swear to you now I won't call. It's too late they won't let go. I've followed five footsteps through that open door. It must be buried under the heart that makes this pace consistent. You'll find it torn. That gate's been opened. I've been wondering if you've been real with us. It's start, stop and go you've been dying for. The Great Golden Baby Maye your move, obvious humor. Desperate n respiratory plight. Always on, dressed to impress. I'll be the last one to find out why. Time takes its toll on us. This changes everything. I'd be a liar if I denied you at all. Oh, now that I know this changes everything. I've been trading ideas with intriguing men and I perceive an honest solution to all of your pride. And the amplifier screams out loud for the last time. Wave your hands at the audience as you sink on in. First chance to hide you need desperately so, find me so. Motion gives up on you in the end. I'll try my best to be home by then. You'll see the grave we had, but you'll never have. I'm going home but my own way. Going home on my own. i would really love if you'd sit him down. I would really love if you'd pull this thread. Stop The Fuckin' Car Don't feel alarmed, I fear we're falling back to ground. "Don't be afraid" I hear in every word they say. That even if you don't look back be sure to find out who was there, and what they wore, and ten more reasons. Don't be alarmed, I fear we're falling back to ground. Your face is light and cocaine white. Misleading at most, I'm supposed to imposter a new you. And even if you're woken up make contact both at once. We've made mistakes like these and I'm just learning. Your face is light and spinning by. Spinning lines, don't be scared. You have given so much more. Spinning lines, take me there. He has risen, pull me under. Don't stop talking to me I haven't been listening. This operation has been abandon once again. Cut me gently, cut me out of mind. We're All Thieves Lost in a haunting thought, spinning me around once more. I wake just to feel the wait. As the daylight comes around, I turn with my eyes on the back door. Your face is light and cocaine white. One message beating through. Smoke's filled the air and I'm struggling to breathe. Let them be calm so I finally can sleep. Everything you intended to say, don't go back on your words. You always said you'd tell me first. Verse after endless verse, I can't escape the echoed words. I long to find a cure for the feeling I find in these chords. I smile as it burns. I've been erased from the picture. Excuses, oh no anything goes. Excuses you know it doesn't work. Excuse me this will cause our desperate end. Oh, Hello Didn't I know you, mystery man? Strange as all new thought on impotence. All I want are windows, it wouldn't be the first time. Didn't I, didn't I know you. All along all we've been given is the ugliest tiding, all along we've been a mess. Now quick dilation is the only chance we have left. A stranger's just someone that you've forgotten. How will we know if we've met before and done this dance, mystery man? Always Getting What You Want Borders that we say are policing you back to their arms. Tension to take pills that'll make you feel higher inside. Do you often look back on us, feeling confidently. Would it make any difference if I wasn't late. Or I'd been too angry to show. The sovereign statement's wrong. It's a bi-law and a valiant one to honor hopeful thoughts. It's the talent, not the promo-shots. Story has shown you all felt alone. Even if... if the sound it makes when it's tightening, sweet winding up of a mandolin hurts your fingers. And you try to hold on but it's not quite working. This reminds me of the sound you make when we disagree. Story has shown we all felt alone. Even if you've been so close you're not alone anymore. Still we grow. Meet Me In Montauk Leave just as you came, without a sound. Nothing to ruffle your ends. I've been wandering around, making up movies in my. So we say don't let it go, let me try and pull out pride. I already forget how I used to feel about you. Leave as fast as you came, no invitation. Nowhere to go from here. I've been wandering around wondering how I got so fucking boring all of the sudden. So fucking scared, I'm not scared. You'd mean so much more to me if I remembered. House of Leaves Hey now over come your concern about the weather. And whether or not I'm still alive. Check these vital signs. So soft spoken and shy, never gets high anymore. Did you poison my food? Forgive me, I've the paranoid flu. I've been lying wide awake paralyzed by the buzzing of the television. These modern things we know, getting you off. Haunting us these different meanings and spectral beings. We're fighting sleep with broken, rusted weaponry. Sing so softly and low like you want me to hear. Stolen what you can't afford. What's that muffled beating? Something I could never say, speak so softly and low. Circa Survive - Acoustic & Live [2005-2006] Julian Who left the lights on, Julian? Made promises, broke them enough for being said. Who left the lights on, Julian? They come, waking the whole house up. You've been longing for... Wake them up. You've been longing for being too honest. Aiming without a cause. Who left the lights on, Julian? Made promises, broke them enough. Who left the lights on, Julian? I'll be wrong, waking the whole house up. The Difference Between Medicine And Poison Is The Dose . (Early Live Version) Move one inch at a time, don't make this rhyme/hard. Would it be easy to repeat the first line? My minds not a well, it won't run dry. Just keep drinking potion/bullshit and you'll be alright. This is paralysis, with the motel in our price. How could the answer be wrong, If you don't respond today? It feels much safer to know, this is temporary. Fearing disclosures not as well. We're going to the ocean to drown. If you ever wished you were anybody else. With you acting well i walk. Be so much closer than you ought to be. How could your answer be wrong, If you don't respond today? It feels much safer to know, this is temporary. Fearing disclosures not as well. He overshot the potions and drowned. If you ever wanted anything... You're asking too much. You've been mistaken, feel lucky. You can talk, i am supposed to be around, Supposed to be a ferocious sleeper, Aren't you around? Circa Survive - On Letting Go [2007] (2007) Living Together It starts out like a season in reverse. A way to set your mind above and over words. (Like) attached means (your) identity Erases things so how can we record? Distress call code-word is I wanna live He makes it up as it goes and it goes away To places he can only hide in other peoples minds He makes it up as it goes Your rational mind's insane. Taste the sound you make when the light from the sun (Or the story that never gets sold) Is your mother. With an effortless smile you pervade to be. Always in-between aisles (They said you must stare to see) An optimistic, daring me.would you trade your soul for gold? In The Morning And Amazing Infinite silence rolling right in with the dawn. This is wrong, and I cannot sleep without the radio on. And how could anyone? You are in my dreams, half human half machine. You are with someone else that I have felt and seen. I cannot rest, oh my consciousness contests. Looking right through the lens. From winter brings the spring again. And we fall asleep again, with ties to mend. So please let the cleaning begin, evolution. Hold my breath until communication is only just a test. The Greatest Lie This building smelled so familiar. Well, I had thought this sense was lost. And in a daydream I imagine my house, where all of my father's sense of strength was lost. It's all we have so find me a place to begin. If I can get this feeling straight. Trembling idle hands, holding me there. We laugh in the face of love. Because nobody's really there. Nobody's real. Desire I would try it either way. We believe in something invisible. This sense of smell that you used all your life. Well now you know your father lied. And I could never find my way without you, but you're already there. And we've come a long, long way without maps in our hands. It's all we have. The Difference Between Medicine And Poison Is In The Dose Move one inch at a time. Don't make shit rhyme. Would it be easy to repeat the first line? My mind's not a well, it won't run dry. Just keep drinking water, and you'll be alright. This is paralysis. With no time at all to let go. Well don't call me by my full name. and all this is temporary. It feels much better to know that you won't feel a thing. Well don't talk about it, write it down, but don't ask for help. I can't be honest with even myself. Did you ever wish you were somebody else? Accomplishments are transient. They pulled me in unremittingly. Just lasting this long, I feel relieved to let repetition save me. Move one inch at a time, and you'll be just fine. Move one inch at a time, and you'll find. They pulled me in, but accomplishments are transient. Mandala Dance with me, for I'll be leaving soon. The afterbirth on the keypads overwhelm."Did he who make the lamb make thee?" Help me find its origin, in a cartoon house, in a cartoon car. There are cities buried underneath our cities. "Let the people be free" It's all around us. Let the people see we so obviously had another hand. And so separated. How can I feel or act like I've made this when I so obviously had another hand. Travel Hymn It came across like you were mad. Holding in your breath with everything you had until you face began to turn red "This is why I turn and walk away from everything," I need to feel it closer now... and I never thought it would be like this. "Between the seal, a church is revealed and I would rather be lonely along the way." Something set us off into the wrong direction but within this particular space, time goes to waste. And time starts to slow down and all of these patterns never change. So slow down, because nobody looks at life the same. And no one was like this 'til you came along and reset our dials wrong. Semi-Constructive Criticism Leave out the meaning this time. Let tensions evolve. Intimate groove confused in childish tantrums (we do a childish dance). Your feelings were sacrificed for a greater cause, and if you forget what you saw, you'll be forgiven. But there isn't a chance that I could do this on my own. Now our perceptions have grown. Branches and petals of paper and metal, amber tinfoil forest confines us. And we disconnect like this is the end for everybody else's sake. Set your mental alarm. Kicking Your Crosses Down In case it gets away from us, don't pull it close. The damage revealed the cost and it wasn't worth it, but they'll never know. To keep in mind the line that separates idols. If the world is a dream and nothing is worth it, Unless you have a god. (We're all going to hell) But we wont be saved we'll live as slaves to love what god takes away, let's refill all your holes with mud. "Purchase your tickets; I'm kicking your crosses down" And all the voices sound just like you. I'll be there- Breathe in- It's been so long (I've felt so wrong again) I fixed myself up nice but you never came. The words rolled off our backs and sound the same I'll be waiting- I hope that it's worth it but I'll never know . On Letting Go For your futures sake, I've got advice I'd advise you to take. Don't keep betting, "well, its gotta light me up sometime" You lost your turn. "All I wanted to be was one of your children." See how clean the water is where you are, wash off your handcuffs And know the hidden messages you hear, they aren't real. You tricked your mind to feel. "All I wanted to be was one of your children" Are we even now? We are unrelated. If blood is thicker than water. Then you'll drown quicker than we intended, And you'll know where you can find us in the end, so we can begin again. Carry Us Away This is not a riddle but it's meant to entertain. I'll be your loyal Apostle, just send me in to take the blame. Well what would you expect to say? It never mattered anyway. There'll be a site (sight) and an invisible light shown down on them and took them in. There'll be a time when, Maybe tonight temptations win and I give in. This is not a puzzle or mainframe, but it's meant to strengthen your faith. And each time the night falls upon us, we always end up the same, Were we not born into original sin? What you ask for is what you get and what you were given. So fold your hands and get down on your knees. Close Your Eyes To See If you pass away, in the wing fortress there's a time divider. And a technical team will be at your services for what that matters. When the mirror shatters it's harder for me to see. If there are any answers here we haven't searched for, just type in your code and say a prayer. How could it be, we were so secure? Because nothing you've ever planned on ever turned out the way you planned I tried to say. This couldn't feel more wrong. I can't believe its happening or lasting this long. If we know each other then why should it be so hard to make it stop? What I tried to say (this isn't real, and I feel ashamed that I don't think that I can heal) It's a shame that I would pretend before making amends. But nothing you've ever planned on ever turned out the way you planned. You're still disappointing them. Your Friends Are Gone It climbs in slowly behind- If you trust your neighbors, they'd never suspect what you're like. Welcome them into your life. No one has to know. Playback, delete and rewind. It's getting closer than you thought it'd get. Just get inside. It's moving faster than you'd ever planned. You'll be relieved when you open up, and let yourself seem vulnerable. And the morning sun will make our bodies comfortable. In taking off your clothes, everything hidden is suddenly exposed. Nobody wants to hear another story about how you couldn't write right. It climbs in slowly behind. You don't have to tell. Playback, delete and rewind. Each one is louder than the one before, and the people you care for at ten times the expense of all that you spent. You'll be relieved. All of your friends are gone, and you were barely holding on. Wrong and fooled once again. We are the loneliest of men. All your friends are gone. Nobody hears you. All your friends were wrong. Nobody cares. Circa Survive - B-Sides [2007] (2008) 1,000 Witnesses Don't aim without a target. Where will we end up? Don't tamper with the compass dial. Where will it take us? Where running back to the start. Feels like its over. Don't aim with out a target. Where will we end up? Where the fountain did fall from the sky. There'd be a thousand witnesses. But the crowd hears screams. We don't see a thing. Our eyes are open. Are we looking the right way? Cause we dot see a thing. Our minds are open. There'd be a thousand witnesses. There'd be a thousand ways. Stay in place. Use it right. It was an anchor. Pour concrete on the roots. Just to make sure. Just to make sure you'd never move. If a fountain did fall from the sky, there would be a thousand witnesses. Our eyes are open. We're running back to the start it feels like its over. We're running back to the start. It feels like. It was an anchor Pour concrete on the roots. Just to make sure. Just to make sure you'd never move. The Most Dangerous Commercials We've been terrorized. With television problems And surprised. When it's too good to be true. We've been terrorized. With air-conditioned issues. In spare times. When it's too good to be true. I can't live without you. I've pretended to care for hours. I've pretended to care for days. But your mouth never closed. Your excuses are filled with holes. Suppose you'll be right too. Would you ever even know? We've been terrorized. With air-conditioned issues. In spare times What you reap in more. We've been terrorized. The oldest magician returns. To steal your soul. (What do you believe in more) There's a special logic that grows with commercial prevention (It'll put your money in) Just to be safe (It'll put your money in) It's like getting rightful knowledge. But your mouth never closed. Your excuses are filled with holes. Suppose you'll be lied too. Would you ever even know? Oh... Cause you'll be compensated for your testimonial. Just do your best to make it feel as real as possible. Cause you'll become ok with all the things you didn't know. Just do your best to make it seem natural. We've been terrorized. With television problems And pull crimes. When it's too good to be true. We've been terrorized. With air-conditioned issues. In spare times. When it's too good to be true. We've been terrorized. We've been terrorized. We've been terrorized. We've been terrorized. We'll be the last to know and the first ones to go. Circa Survive - Live/Improv [2009] (2009) The Dentist Tune (Live/Improv) Hwe. Huh. huh. Huh. Alegazewawazoo... Hey! I'm trying to think of something... I got it! Dentists Don't have Best friends. Dentists Collect Tooth Brushes. Stuff. Sometimes They make Little kids cry. Sometimes they make Ladies wear braces. Dentists! You're not my friend! All that is! You're making my gums bleed! Auuuuuuuuugh! Dentists Don't got best friends. And I'm Not Cross In floss (???) I Think Mine Is a homosexual Because he Wears Yellow ties Sometimes. I Love When You're gonna put me under. I Think It's nice To get those pills. Conditionally. Dentists Don't make friends With their patients. Open Your mouth Real wide. Dentists Say "Floss Every chance you get" It's just so They can sell you more cans of floss. I eat, Pancakes For breakfast Every day! And I don't floss! No cavities! You're wrong! So dentist don't make friends in the unintelligible) And they say "I don't like you muffin. I don't like you muffin. I don't like you muffin. you're bad" (Uninteligable)! AAAAAAAAAAAAH! Dental Hygienists! I smell meat! A lot! The nice people in the waiting room! They're all scared! Please go, to hurt their gums!Our patient, has a patient, In the dentists chair. Oh no don't be scared. He's just gonna touch your mouth a little, don't be scared. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! oh. *cough* He'll give me, A filling. It's time To give me A filling. Breath in The Nitrous Oxide. I need Novocaine On my tongue. Pump in The Nitrous Oxide. I'm feeling alright. Alright. Alright. Alright. Beautiful Dental Hygienist. I know you're stealing Percoset For your cramps From the office. I know you give 'em to your boyfriend, Who doesn't care about you that much. I know you give it to your best friend Who loves Percoset. The Dental Hygienist Got pierced nipples. She's a bad girl Who likes a good fucking. Dentists don't got best friends Because they're busy. Always Scrapping cavities. They know it When it happens Because it bleeds. And they tell you to make sure to brush six times a day. Alright alright alright! You're never gonna get clean! You're never gonna get clean gums! I Forgot Money. no... ooooooh. oooooooh. Plastic Rings and Things that go on the tips of your pencils. They're useless when you aint got no teeth. I ate some Birthday cake for breakfast! I smile with the sprinkles in my mouth! and he took one look and screamed "What have you done!?" It's all gonna rot! It's all gonna rot! It's all gonna rot! Make sure you get your free sample of mouth wash! It's all gonna rot! Make sure you get your astronaut toothbrush! It's all gonna rot! What's your favorite color? Is it green? Is it blue? Is it pink!? *laughter* You're never gonna get clean! Hey! Open up! Open up! *laughter* Open wide! Don't bite my finger! Oh, Don't bite my finger it's in a plastic glove! I'll touch you all over! Let's take an x-ray. Put this in your mouth, And keep your head still. Keep it as still as you can! I'm gonna look at your insides! Right! Smile for the camera, Jimmy! Smile for the camera! Now keep that lead belt over your waist. I'm gonna take a picture! To tell you which tooth if fucked. And how much toothpaste you need. Don't forget to take a plastic treat from the bin. Because you've been good. You've been goooooooooooood! Your plastic vampire fangs Or plastic ring Or temporary tattoo Maybe a pencil. Maybe a calculator watch. Something with sprinkles. Maybe fake earrings. Look at all the ones you got. You've been so good for me. Smile real nice. And you opened your mouth real wide. I'm gonna tell your daddy you've been real good! You've been brushing just like I told you you should! AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH! Keep. Keep it real clean. I said keep it! Keep it reeeeeeaaaaaaaaal clean. Hey!Hey! Come back next month! For a check up. And I'll see if you've been brushiiiiiiiiiiiing! Come back next week! And I'll tell your sister she needs her braces off! And tell your daddy I said hi. And tell him I need his money! His money! Before I see you again! Before I see you agaaaaaain! Make sure you take your plastic treat from the bin! Because you've been real good. I know it's hard to sit still like that long While I touch your tongue. With my finger. You've been a good boy or girl. So reward yourself, With a Dora the Explorer toothbrush. Suck it! Maybe a plastic green toy army soldier! With a parachute that pulls! Make sure you stay away from candy!