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Past Tour: Anthony Green 8/4/08 - 9/14/08

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Saw the show last night in Maine. I'm assuming no one on the boards lives in that neck of the woods because no one here made a thread for it or anything. Maybe Breanne was there? y/n? Anyway, it was probably one of the best shows I've been to. Way better than the last solo show.

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ehhh the show was horrible (not because of anthony or any of the bands)

ALL of the bands were completely amazing.

the part that was horrible was...

80% of the kids were only there to hear Dear Child.

they never shut the fuck up with anthony played just him and acoustic

they just yelled stupid ass shit like








it was fucked up anthony seemed annoyed..


some stupid girl even bought a turtle shirt like anthony has....

she named her turtle genocide...


so many stupid ass people attended the show.

blah i hope the next circa concert isn't like this...



When I went to my first Circa survive show when they toured with fear before the march of flames that Circa fans were super nice if people fell they were easliy picked up and if someone droped stuff people made an effort to get it back to them. At the acoustic anthony green show i saw at the troubadour everyone yelled shit and deffenitally anthony got anoyed and so did I. I also feel super bad for any band that ever opens up for circa or anthony....at the troubadour some dude kept yellling so much shit to person l that anthony had to come out and tell him to shut up


same with OURS I personally didn't like them too much but any band that has the balls to perform for you should never be booed...they took a lot of shit on that tour they opened up for circa


the bands aren't going to sound like circa...they're bands that circa likes that they want to help get bigger and get their name out there so don't give them shit just because they're playing 6 songs instead of 4


and i'm not saying i'm the perfect fan either....I tried to sing a long and accidentally missed the words to a verse and got pretty much scolded by anthony =/

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is there any way to order anthony green t-shirts online??


well Mrs. Green told me that they were going to

put them up online some time, but she didn't specify when.

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hey, so I've heard about this "two lesbians" song before and google can't find it :/

I youtubed "two lesbians anthony green" as well, and I don't dare to take the anthony green off of it in the search box.


If anyone could post a link, I'd apriciate it!

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fuck your dream.

Funny thing about Anthony and dreams. My birthday was this past January and a week before my birthday, I had a dream that he would call me to tell me Happy Birthday for some reason. And so that day I decided that if thats what I wanted then either I'd have to talk to my boyfriend who has some connections or do it myself. Well it didnt happen but as it turned out, a friend of a friend of mine did have that happen on her birthday some years past. For some people they are just dreams...

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That's awesome. I'm working in America over the summer so I'm hoping I will get to see at least one of the shows if not a couple more!! Great news!!

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