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I'm not, and my IBS doesn't help that either.


I love night time, I don't know, it just developed from continuous summers of constant gaming and being online till 5 am and then crashing, and many times becoming nocturnal (Waking up at 7-8 pm and going to bed at 5-7 am) in the summer. It's happened the past 3 summers.


When I wake up with less than 9-12 hours of sleep, I feel like shit, I feel drained and then my IBS kicks in because i'm grouchy and makes it worse. This year i've been pretty good about mornings for school, but i'll be tired all day then as soon as the sun goes down it's like I have this extra reserve of energy that kicks in and I can't fall asleep. Like right now it's 11:30 and i'm wide awake, I got 3 hours of sleep last night and no naps today, was tired allll day but night hits and i'm wide awake now. I prolly wont get to sleep till 2 am because I just feel more productive at night and I want to do things now. During the day I just don't wanna do anything.

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