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Anthony Green - Beautiful Things . (01.17.2012)

01 – If I Don't Sing

02 – Do It Right

03 – Moon Song

04 – Get Yours While You Can

05 – When I'm On Pills

06 – Can't Have It All At Once

07 – Big Mistake

08 – Love You No Matter What

09 – How It Goes

10 – Just To Feel Alive

11 – James' Song

12 – Blood Song

13 – Lullaby




Anthony Green - Beautiful Things . B-Sides / Bonus Tracks. (01.17.2012)

14 - Right Outside

15 - Only Love

16 - Soul 4 My Soul

17 - Can't Be Satisfied

18 - Can't Be Satisfied (Demo)

19 - Can't Have It All At Once (Demo)

20 - Get Yours While You Can (Demo)

21 - Moon Song (Demo)


Release Date: January 17, 2012

Recorded: Early January 2011 @ 'The Big House' in Avalon, NJ

Produced by: Jason Cupp


"Only Love" Produced by: Emile Haynie


Backing Band:

Keith Goodwin - Guitar & Various Instruments

Dan Schwartz - Guitar & Various Instruments

Tim Arnold - Drums, Percussion & Various Instruments


Guest Musicians:

Dave Davison (Maps & Atlases) - Guitar (Get Yours While You Can)

Colin Frangicetto (Circa Survive) - Background Vocals (How It Goes) & (Soul 4 My Soul)

Valerie Poxleitner (LIGHTS) - Background Vocals (Just To Feel Alive)

Chino Moreno (Deftones) - Vocals (Right Outside)

Nate Ruess (fun.) - Vocals (Only Love)

Ida Maria (Ida Maria) - Vocals (Can't Be Satisfied)

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Anthony Green - Beautiful Things (LP2) [2011>2012]


Recent News:


anthonygreenschildren.com blog post : (07.07.11)


Hope you’re having a great summer..

been really busy with the circa record which is coming along better than we could’ve ever hoped for,

so i wanted to give you this song from beautiful things called big mistake.

it was recorded this winter in the same house that we recorded avalon in with producer jason cupp and good old war.


You can download this song at http://PFR.ec/freeAG

i also have a few acoustic shows coming up – check the tour section.. and lots of cool shit in the near future.

stay connected at anthonygreenschildren.com and circasurvive.com.



Archived News:

if anyone is in toronto on sept 15 i will be playing at mooneen's cd release party at the horseshoe – come by and sing some songs.

im gona try out a few songs that will be on the follow up to avalon called "beautiful things" that ill start working on shortly after circa finishes

No specific songs have been confirmed, but it's a fairly safe assumption that 'Lullaby'/'True Love' is one of the eight demos already recorded.


The song known to some as "Beautiful Things" was first introduced as "True Love" but shortly afterward they began to refer to it as "Lullaby".

The lyrics in "Lullaby" include "beautiful things are coming to you" during the chorus.

The song was written by Good Old War as a wedding present to Anthony and Meredith.

The song was played at almost every show during Anthony's Avalon Tour from August thru September 2008.

More likely than not, Good Old War will appear on the recording of at least this song.

It is also possible that this song has already been recorded with Good Old War in the spring of 2009 during their "Saw Creek" sessions.

I previously assumed that this song would appear on Good Old War's [2009/2010] follow up with Ant on guest vocals.

In December 2008, shortly after Colin's remix album of "Avalon" was released via internet,

Anthony said to Colin during the Buzznet home video discussion:

I think like most of those remixes are like better than the original songs themselves

and part of me, as soon as I heard 'em, I wished that like you were more involved from the very beginning with that.

Guest appearances and/or backing musicians are unknown other than Good Old War and possibly Colin Frangicetto.
i have some rare audience of one tracks at the studio that would have been great to be included on avalon

but i was in england with zolof when the tracks for the cd were being compiled and couldnt get them to the label.

maybe they'll turn up on something one day.

If "Audience Of One" alternate versions, b-sides or demos were sought for "Avalon" deluxe,

then its feasible that these songs could be included on a future release.

Sergio Estrada (03.15.10)

so i heard youre gonna start a new solo album pretty soon. is there any truth behind this rumor?

Anthonycirca Green (03.15.10)

No. I'm always writing but my next album won't be out for a while. At least till circa takes a break.

Blare Magazine - Q&A: Anthony Green (05/20/10)

Should fans expect the same kind of blunt honesty on your next solo release?


No, I intend on being dishonest from now on. This honesty shit has gotten me nowhere (laughs). All I have to do is answer questions now. But yeah, you can’t un-pickle a pickle. Once you’re a pickle you can never be a cucumber. So it will be as honest as anything else I’ve ever written.


Have you spent any time on writing new material?


Oh yeah man, I have all the shit written. I have so much shit written and it’s ready to go. I’m kind of giving Circa it’s time to do it’s shit and then as soon as Circa takes a break, bam! I’m going to put out another record, do a long tour, and hopefully make it over here north of the border and play a few shows.

I’ve got like 8 songs recorded as demos and I think we’re actually just gonna use those demos.

I have another 7 or 8 songs I want to record, and I think I have about 10 days to record them in December of this year.

So I’m just working on finalising them, and sending them out to the guys in the band – the band that plays on the album.

We’re gonna record it in the same place in Avalon, New Jersey.

But yeah, when we went to record the demos, we were just figuring out how to do it, and the demos ended up sounding really good.

So I think we’re just gonna use the demos for the record.

They’re all really raw, and they were all recorded when we were blacked out and drunk. [laughs]

During the summer of 2010, Dan from Good Old War was asked about the song 'Soul For My Soul'

and he confirmed that the song had been recorded as a demo.

It is going to be tracked in New Jersey in January. Jason Cupp (Finch, Cast Spells, Good Old War) will be producing it.

Talked with Jason and Good Old War about it last night. They said they are recording their album after this too, also produced by Jason.

Start recording beautiful things dec 11!!!


Anthony Green: Review Rinse Repeat Interview [01.19.11] (01.26.11)

by: Shawn Flanagan


Shawn@RRR: It was said that once the band was done recording Blue Sky Noise, that you would begin to work on your next solo album, titled Beautiful Things. What is the status of the record?


Anthony Green: I don’t want to say that anything is finished, but I was just in the studio where we recorded Avalon with Good Old War/Jason Cupp from January 1st to January 6th or 7th. We recorded like 13 songs in like 6 days. It’s the coolest shit that we could have come up with and without any pressure, without rushing. I know there will be stuff that I want to change and add. I know it’s not going to come out for a long time, so I hesitant to say that it’s done, but all the songs are there. I don’t want to put it out until I feel that Circa and Blue Sky Noise got their chance to really stretch, you know? I don’t want to rush it. Plus I’m working on like 10 other things at the moment. I would like to say that it’ll be out during the Summertime, or the end of Summertime, but I can’t really be sure. The other day I had this idea, I woke up and wrote all this stuff down, and one of the things that I wrote was that I was going to can this solo record and write another one the next time we had time off. Get those dudes to come back for like 10 days, do another album, and save the stuff we have for a third solo album. I don’t really know why. I think it’s because this album is really weird. The songs aren’t just acoustic, it’s just really strange.


Shawn@RRR: Will the album be released by Photo Finish Records much like Avalon was?


Anthony Green: I think so, yeah.


Shawn@RRR: Will you give Colin the honor of remixing this album much like you did with Avalon?


Anthony Green: I think I’m going to yeah. I really liked how Avalon went, and Colin is so good at that kind of stuff. Actually, since we have so much time, I may just give him the stems now and have him go nuts, and then instead of it being “oh, here’s Colin’s remix CD,” some of the tracks that get changed in the remix will become actual songs on the album.


Shawn@RRR: At this point, how do you feel the album compares to Avalon both lyrically and instrumentally?


Anthony Green: Lyrically, it’s massively different. I think that some of the songs are stories about other people, and not necessarily about me. They say when you dream, everything in the dream represents you and I feel that when I write songs, everything in the song kind of represents something about me, in a way. But, this album tells a lot of different stories that aren’t necessarily stories that came from personal experience, and came from stuff that I watched, read, heard, etc. One of the songs I wrote after watching There Will Be Blood for the fifth time. I sat down and wrote these lyrics and wrote music to it, which is one of the first times I ever really did that. It sounds a lot different, like, it’s not just all acoustic. There are ukuleles in it, electric guitars, slide guitars… Good Old War and Jason Cupp really went crazy and filled up all the spaces with unreal sounds and beats. I really hate to say this, but there is a tiny bit of hip-hop feeling in some of songs, in a non cheesy way. I swear to God.


Shawn@RRR: Why do you feel it is important for you to have your solo project?


Anthony Green: You know, Circa is a collaboration It’s not my band, or Colin’s band, or Brendan, or Nick, or Steve’s band. It’s all of us coming together to make something together. A lot of times the things that you really love and believe in, you have to make changes with them. You have to sort of compromise with them, and that’s what makes Circa so great. For my solo project, it’s really just something for me to do whatever I want and not have to worry if it’s making someone in the band happy, or fulfilling their vision of a song. It’s more or less all my vision. When I get together with Good Old War to write the stuff and record it, they come up with some of the coolest ideas.


Shawn@RRR: Obviously Circa remains your main focus for the time being, but once your current obligations with Circa are up, do you plan on going out on tour in support of Beautiful Things?


Anthony Green: Yeah. I’d like to put a little more time touring behind the release, rather than Avalon where I didn’t do that much. I think I want to spend a little more time with the solo stuff. There are a couple of other projects I’m working on too, that I’m trying to find time to work on. Me and Casey from The Dear Hunter have been talking a lot about putting some stuff together. He’s really busy and I’m really busy, but we’ve had this dream about putting stuff together. There’s other stuff I can’t even say because I don’t want to fuck it up.





There are a good amount of songs that Ant has played at his shows that are as yet unrecorded. V


It is also possible that some of the songs we heard Anthony playing in the LP3 pre-pro/writing vids could be on this.

Since "Take A Giant Step" by the Monkees was recorded and included on the "Jackie Haenn" EP, covers are also a slight possibility.

Though unlikely, we can't put it past him to redo/reimagine songs from his previous or current bands. We know this has happened.


If you know any other info, please post it here.




i wonder which ones will be on Beautiful Things?
i think it all depends on whether the songs he has yet to record for 'Young Legs'

will be mixed up with or alter the tracklist for 'Beautiful Things' or not.


if so, it's anyone's guess as to which songs in particular will be on either of these releases.



we know this song is supposed to be on 'BT':

Big Mistake [Full Band] . [7.24.2011]


these songs he's done full band versions of with good old war:

which is a good indication of which songs have been recorded for 'beautiful things'. though, not the end all.

Lullaby [Full Band] . [08.06.2008]

Soul For My Soul [Full Band] . [12.22.2010]

(The Storm Isn't Over) [Full Band] . [12.22.2010]

(Just To Feel Alive) [Full Band] . [05.14.2011]

Get Yours While You Can [Full Band] . [07.24.011]

(Our Opinions Are Insane) [Full Band] . [08.21.2011]


i think that these songs will be on beautiful things because of statements made by anthony at shows in spring 2011:

When I'm On Pills . [03.27.2010]

(No Matter What) . [06.06.2010]

Blood Song .aka. (No Longer Dream) . [03.16.2011]


this full band version i think will likely be on 'young legs' because i believe he stated that it was a new song when it debuted in spring 2011:

(Can't Be Satisfied) [Full Band] . [07.24.2011]


he messaged that this song will be on 'young legs':

Stolen . [12.27.2007]


i also believe that these songs, debuted in 2011, will likely be on 'young legs':

(James) . [04.05.2011]

(What Did You See In Me?) . [04.05.2011]


even though recorded with Circa Survive in demo form, alternate recordings of these songs could be included on one of these releases:

100 Steps .aka. There's Always 100 Steps Ahead . [12.27.2007]

Resentment . [04.18.2009]


but idk. i might be off in my assumptions. [/size]


Anthony Green - Beautiful Things (LP2) [2011] (January 23, 2012)

01 - Big Mistake (Rough Demo) . .mp3



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i wouldn't mind seeing Track 1 off of the Audience of One EP rewritten a bit. that song is so addicting, but it could definitely use a face lift.

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like I said in the Avalon discussion thread, I really hope "the more you get the less you are" is on this album, I dig that song a lot and I think it definitely SHOULD have made it onto Avalon.

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i'm really excited for this! it'll be nice to hear some new-ish songs by him. I want stolen, that's one of my faves by him. also lesbian twins.

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from Anthony's MySpace:


I will be palying with moneen tonight at the horseshoe for there cd release party - i will be playing a few new songs that will be on my follow album to avalon - be the first to hear it


see you tonite -xoxo



too bad I don't live in Canada :(

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"The song was written and first performed by Good Old War at Anthony and Meredith's wedding reception in June 2008 as a wedding gift to them."


creeeeeeepy that you know that haha but this album is gonna be good as fuck, for sure. i highly doubt he'll use more than one of those covers though. most of them arent too exciting

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