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Anthony 2009 Holiday Shows

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Some humorous, albeit stabbing flippant comments that were met with ill reaction, to which he replied with a semi-embarrassed remark about how he shouldn't have said what he did.


I didn't know that he was referring to someone from Saosin, but I'm guessing that he was, in fact, from the other comment posted.


lol i felt like i was the only one that got that joke...it was directed to chris cause he said boosti and he was looking were he was at.


but in all it was a funny joke gone wrong...in the end he tried to play it off though saying "opps wrong chris then, AYOOO!" ahaha

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yeah, i think it was in the "beautiful things are coming" AP interview w/ anthony he said something about him and cove texting all the time and how "the TTN songs are his babies and cove is their new daddy and i don't want them to hate their real daddy" or something, twas good lolz

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