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Brenden Selling CS Guitar Equipment

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Circa Survive . 06.24.2011

hey everyone. we are selling some guitar equipment including a mesa 4x12 cabinet and a boutique guitar head that is a big part of the Blue Sky Noise tones. everything also comes in a circa survive stamped, heavy duty flight case. If anyone is interested please email me directly for photos or more info. please serious inquiries only as these items are fairly expensive.





i've been emailing brendan about buying his = http://www.sommatone.com/roaring-20-40.html


min, price seems to be 2,000$. ugggh lol

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once again: (auctions end tomorrow)


Soldano Decatone 100 watt Guitar Amp

Sommatone 2x12 open back 8 ohm speaker cabinet greenback, celestion G12H speaker

Badcat 4x12 custom speaker cabinet vintage 30's semi open

Line 6 Pod XT Live Multi-Effects Guitar Effect Pedal



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Brendan Ekstrom | Guitar Pedal Auctions


Empress Super Delay vintage modified (broken mini toggle)

"In my opinion the Superdelay is the cleanest clearest and best sounding delay pedal on the market. I have another one of these that i will be keeping. The Strymon timeline offers more versatility and save patches and has become my touring delay because of that. but this thing just sounds better to me for sparkling clean delays."


Line 6 MM4 Modelling Guitar Effect Pedal signed by Circa Survive

"this is a pedal from the old line 6 days. We all signed it for something or other. That thing didn't end up happening apparently, as I still have the pedal."


Durham Electronics Sex Drive Overdrive Compressor pedal NEW GUTS INSIDE

"This is the original Sex Drive but with new guts inside. The original died because of 9 years of the road and i sent it in to be fixed by Durham Electronics. They cover those things in wax so they had to replace the guts entirely. Essentially this pedal is new with a very used look. I used this pedal for 9 years at the end of my chain. It was ALWAYS on. I set it to almost no gain (as shown in the photo) and it gave a tiny boost to the amp and made everything sound clearer and sweeter. it colors your tone in a very very mild way but that is not a bad thing in this case. Like I said I never turned it off. It was just part of my sound. It has a switch for light heavy or no compression which I would switch to heavy if I was playing slide on a song. In short I love these pedals."


lehle little dual

"The Lehle Little Dual is a maximum signal-fidelity amp switcher for two amps. Both amps are activated simultaneously using the left footswitch, while the right is used to switch back and forth between them. High-intensity LEDs make it easy to read off switching state A or B, or A and B, even under high-power spots. The centerpiece of the Lehle Little Dual is its high-end Lehle LTHZ transformer, which electrically isolates output A from output B, making history of hum loops - permanently! The Lehle Little Dual features a gold-plated-contact phase inverter and a gold-plated-contact ground switch. The two inputs can also be routed in stereo to outputs A and B, if you use the stereo signal of an effect unit as the input, for example. This also makes it possible to route instruments equipped with two pick-ups, including many acoustic and hybrid guitars, and also double basses, via two amplifier systems - with no complications. These systems can be operated either in alternation or in parallel - without hum, and without sound losses, needless to say! The Lehle Little Dual - small, but so utterly effective!"


Boss RV-3 Reverb Guitar Effect Pedal

"The RV-3 is a popular professional-quality pedal that can produce reverb, delay or both. It offers four different high-density reverb modes plus three delay modes offering delay times up to 2,000ms."


Eventide PitchFactor Harmonizer Pitch Shifter pedal (great condition, box + manual)

"great condition. only used in the house and studio and only a few times at that.. never stomped on. No other stomp box is capable of tracking as smoothly as the pitch factor. in fact there's really no other pedal like this period. find ye a demo video for proof."


TWA Little Dipper Envelop Filter 1st Generation

"This is a really cool pedal. anything from shakedown street to a parked was type of sound. finds its way into every recording i've done since i bought it even if just for a second."


catilanbread teaser stalion

"very hard to find these days. This essentially two overdrive pedals in one. when the second is engaged you can push the signal hard enough to create a tone which you can then manipulate the pitch of by turning the knobs. fun times."


Dunlop Jerry Cantrell Signature Cry Baby Guitar Effect Pedal w/ dunlop power

"The first day of our tour with Alice In Chains our bus driver handed me an old mason jar filled with moonshine. Bus driver moonshine is different than the stuff my hipster buddies distill in their garage. At the end of the night, I wandered onto my bus only to find that it was not my bus at all but Jerry Cantrell's bus. We had not met yet so we stared at each other for a second. He was presumably wondering why the hell I was on his bus while I happened to be wondering why he was on my bus alone, eating a bowl of cereal. Did we even have cereal? Wait this isn't my bus. Anyway, Jerry Cantrell is a hell of a nice guy. He put the wah on the map for me. I unfortunately just never got a feel for it. I wish I had taken this on tour and had him sign it but I felt to nerdy about it."


DigiTech Whammy Pitch Shifter Guitar Effect Pedal with power supply

"In 2005 I stopped by a recording studio to say hello to my buddy in The Receiving End of Sirens. Looking at his pedal board I asked him how he liked his Digitech Whammy. I'll never forget his response, "oh man that thing has saved me so many times". ..... I still have no idea what that meant but I bought one to find out. I still think about his comment every time I see the pedal. The mystery is driving me mad so I need to sell it."


TCC TC-750LC phono preamp silver

"great condition. comes with power cable as well."


Barber Electronics Tone Press Compressor Guitar Effect Pedal

"Awesome compression pedal. I was obsessed with using this for awhile. you can have sustain for days. even with very clean tones. I like it so much I'm keeping two of the knobs."


Strymon Blue Sky Reverberator reverb pedal

"amazing pedal. Strymon is simply making the best reverb and delay pedals on the market. I cleaned the pedal up and added some new photos today. You can see that this has hook end of velcro on the back which can easily be removed. Also, I do want to note that I noticed a small amount of rust below where the nuts connect on the switchers. This will not affect undoing the bolts or the use of the switchers but I wanted to note it. It is minimal but you should be able to see it in the last photo."


Radial Tone Bone VT Valve Tube Guitar Head Switcher

"Item worked perfectly last time I used it."


Blackout Effectors Musket Fuzz Pedal

"I find it rare that a fuzz pedal is both diverse and awesome. sometimes you get a lot of knobs but none of the settings really give you what you're looking for and sometimes you get one great tone with more or less gain. This thing really does quite a lot. My personal favorite setting sounds exactly like Siamese Dream era Smashing Pumpkins. good times. "


Skreddy Pedals Pig Mine Gilmour Pink Floyd Tone

"Perfect Condition. Get the reverb and delay right and you've got Gilmour (the wall era) tone. Skreddy doesn't make these anymore so grab one while you can."


Robert Keeley Fuzz Head Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal

"Very cool fuzz tone. probably my favorite hi-gain overdrive. The pedal works well with bass or guitar and is absolutely special with an electric guitar and a low octave generator such as the MXR bass octave deluxe."


Catalinbread Ottava Magus Octave Guitar Effect Pedal

"This is the original version in the smaller housing."


auctions ends: 02.15.2016


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