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act.appalled (jay.leno's.band) [segments]


mp4 . stream

thank you so much september :highfive:


I think this is why i love this band.. i'm always finding something new. Even if this is not what they song is about i will probably interpret in a new way with my new found knowledge later in life and it will probably hit me harder than it did the last time.

I went off on something along these lines one time explaining how Circa's lyrics are at the deepest personal level I've ever dived to with lyrics and the music is perfectly snug to them. Honestly every line means a million things and hits you in the places of your mind you need to get more comfortable with.


Who else fucking loves Juturna when it's cold out?


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alright, pardon my absenteeism from the boards for quite a while, but i could have sworn there was a thread with all the circa lyrics (as well as all the lyrics from everything anthony's been a part of)? for the life of me i can't find the thread.


any help?




neeeeevermind. found it. i feel dumb now.

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I was listening to Miracle Sun around sunset yesterday in my car, and just as I went around a curve the sun was right in my face as Anthony sang the chorus. I was like sweeet


haha that reminds me of whenever i pop BSN into my car, about half the joy of it is singing along, "behind the wheeeeeel!"

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Circa Survive: New Beats Media . Interview . Article

April 26, 2010

Circa Survive Talk to New Beats Media


I have never been in a show quite so packed. Packed to the point where freedom of movement is a rare luxury, and bruises and beatings become so commonplace by the third song that even the hardest hit is harmless. In any other show, claustrophobia would have signaled its triumphant return, triggered by the mass of sweat-soaked bodies forming a great wave of a crowd, each quarter of the audience cresting and bowing in time with each note. In any other show, the suffocation would have become old, the bruises would begin to raise their painful purple heads in protest to continual beating. In any other show, the crowd would have divided, irritation setting in, partners dividing, pushing away from the bodies, trying to grasp for air at the surface.


And yet, in the crowd of Circa Survive’s show Saturday night, there was no such grasping, deserting, frustration. The set was at once long and short, each song flowing seamlessly into the next, old songs, Circa classics, fitting neatly next to the new, straight off the press from their new album, Blue Sky Noise.


The crowd feels it, feels that music and that passion, the unique quality of Circa Survives style that makes their shows havens for hard-hitting escapism.


Anthony Green is in the audience at one point, and there is no barrier between the crowd and the band, each and every member in that same moment, feeling the same music and the meaning behind it. That freedom, the freedom of being in that music, of being battered and losing a voice for two days at the cost of an hour of singing, is what, according to Green, the new album is all about. An exploration of freedom, ‘To do what you want, not held back by your own limitations.’


When I first listened to the new album, I was unconvinced as it progressed. The sound appeared more organized, shaped, and yet, listening to it, I was forced to wonder if in that organization, the charm of the original Circa had been somewhat muted. The original Circa that released songs that sounded as if they were recorded that day, stemming from an impromptu jam session, the passion in the lyrics so clear and so fresh, no matter how many times played on repeat.


Maybe it took seeing the show live to realize that this organization can be taken as an extension of that original charm, a maturation but not a change. When asked what is different about the new album, the consensus of the band is unanimous, summed up in a simple, ‘It’s better.’ by bassist Nick Beard. They have spent more time on this album than any other, chiseling the unique voice of Circa into an album that improves upon the previous two, refining, tweaking, but keeping that same sense of experimental freedom that makes Circa so great. The songs are all written by the entire band, and the collaborative effort is evident, as each member took time on every song until it felt right, as agreed by the band as a whole.


They compare the writing process for the album to creating the cover artwork (as done by Esao Andrews); a hard and frustrating process for both. Each sketch, like each song, had its merits but sometimes didn’t work, but the final choice, for both, turned out to be the right decision, as shown in the latest album and the beautiful cover that accompanies it. (Even if some sketches, according to drummer Steve Clifford were hard to lose, particularly one featuring a spider monster that appeared to be close to the band’s heart…)


The new album cannot be tied down to a single inspiration. Though Juturna, the band’s first album, was inspired somewhat specifically by the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, featuring the themes of loss, robbery, and uncertainty, Blue Sky Noise has its roots in a more vague concept. ‘It’s everything.’ Says Green. ‘It’s the awesomest shit in your life and it’s the shittiest shit in your life and it’s all the shit in the middle.’


The band as a whole is inspired by everything, each moment gathering a new idea as fast as an old one is lost. Apparently the central theme behind Anthony Green’s personal philosophy in music began in the third grade. ‘I was pretending that I was throwing up, trying to get the school nurse to call my mom. And that’s when I started playing music, when I first started making sounds come out of my mouth to try to fool people into letting me go home.’


If you’re crazy and don’t want to feel alone, come listen to Circa SurviveBut as for the moment, the band is enjoying being away from home, undertaking this new tour after a two-year break for recording. After completing a small European tour featuring the UK and Germany a couple of weeks ago, (‘I love you England,’ chimes in Nick), the band has no plans to stop touring, and talks of hopefully headlining a tour in the near future. It is a rare occasion for this band to venture outside the U.S, so when they do again return to the UK, they are not a band to pass on seeing live. Even after playing upwards of 500 shows, at the beginning of every night, the excitement that the band started out with is still the same, especially now, with new songs to play to new crowds. Blue Sky Noise contains some great songs to add to the Circa mix, some of the best including Glass Arrows, Imaginary Enemy, and Dyed in the Wool.


Circa may not be for every audience, but they are an acquired taste that appeals to many. They are not always for the light-hearted, their songs are not doused with a sense of trying to lift spirits. But after all, this is music at it’s hard-hitting best, and when you’re in a pit with a hundred other people, no one wants to hear about the happy stuff.


Whatever your musical background or taste, there is a part of Circa Survive that can appeal to that hidden side in everyone that lives and breathes for good music. ‘If you’re crazy and don’t want to feel alone, come listen to Circa Survive.’ Says Green, which in a way, includes everyone, and especially includes you.



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Circa Survive: An Exclusive Ryan's Rock Show Interview with Anthony Green


Tuesday, November 09, 2010 10:24 PM

By: Ryan Minic


The sun calmly sets over Southern California's vast land, while security escorts me to Circa Survive's green room. The dim silhouettes of transplanted palm trees against the starbust sun, gently swaying with arid Santa Ana winds, bid me farewell like waving hands, as I enter the venue's west corridor. On this unusually warm November day, the 97-degree temperature would have even straight edge kids feeling a slight bit faded.


While journeying through the venue's tunnels to my first encounter with the band in two years, I recall on events that have occurred during our lapse: a deal with Atlantic Records, a new album dubbed Blue Sky Noise, a U.S. run with Deftones, an appearance on Last Call with Carson Daly, and more recently, a performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. "They've been selling out shows everywhere," I overhear a fan say passing by. "Everywhere."

The green room door creaks open, and I cautiously walk into what feels like a scene from Waking Life. "You have a little bit more scruff on your face than last time," jokes vocalist Anthony Green, welcoming me with warm embrace. "Puberty finally kicked in," I respond. "I couldn't even grow armpit hair until I was 20."


As we conduct a camera sound check, and as Green further comments on my delayed entry into pubescence, the room suddenly becomes still. Guitarist Colin Frangicetto sits across the room focused, drawing his newest piece of artwork. The other members of Circa Survive converse in whispers to a handful of close friends and family members, while Green and I get reacquainted.


When you look back on yourself with the band's first album, "Juturna", and you compare that to who you are today, how have you grown as a person?




Anthony Green Video Interview

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When I talked to Anthony at the show I asked about the poetry book he told me about last time.


He said it's coming along really well. He originally wanted it out before the end of this year, but now it looks like early next year.

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I almost forgot about that.

Who else is supposed to be involved?


As far as I know it's just a solo effort!



Also, wasn't that innerpartysystem remix released a while ago? on their myspace? I remember them remixing one of his songs, pretty sure it was She Loves Me So.

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wasn't sure where to put this but I just found this while doing a search



the fuck?



As far as I know it's just a solo effort!



Also, wasn't that innerpartysystem remix released a while ago? on their myspace? I remember them remixing one of his songs, pretty sure it was She Loves Me So.



yah they did it back in 08.

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Tour Sequence 3 really does something to me...




Anyone else feel it?


Yeah I'm really digging this one. It makes me love Circa Survive that much more.

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Ok so I figured out the time signatures for all of Circa's songs:



Suspending Disbelief - 6/8

Handshakes At Sunrise - 6/8



Holding Someone's Hair Back - 6/8

Act Appalled - 4/4

Wish Resign - 2/4

The Glorious Nosebleed - 6/8

In Fear and Faith - 2/2

The Greath Golden Baby - 6/8

Stop the Fuckin' Car - 4/4

We're All Thieves - 6/8

Oh, Hello - 6/8

Always Getting What You Want - 6/8

Meet Me in Montauk - 6/8

House of Leaves - 3/4



Living Together - 4/4

In the Morning and Amazing - 6/8

The Greatest Lie - 4/4

The Difference Between Medicine and Poison is in the Dose - 6/8

Mandala - starts 6/8, then 4/4

Travel Hymn - 4/4

Semi Constructive Criticism - 6/8

Kicking Your Crosses Down - 4/4 and 6/8

On Letting Go - 4/4

Carry Us Away - 2/4

Close Your Eyes to See - 4/4

Your Friends are Gone - 6/8


OLG B-sides

The Most Dangerous Commercials - 2/4

1,000 Witnesses - 6/8

New Sun - 6/8



Strange Terrain - 6/8

Get Out - 4/4

Glass Arrows - 5/4

I Felt Free - 2/4

Imaginary Enemy - 4/4

Through the Desert Alone - 6/8

Frozen Creek - 4/4

Fever Dreams - 4/4

Spirit of the Stairwell - 2/4

The Longest Mile - 4/4

Compendium - 6/8 with some meter changes

Dyed in the Wool - 4/4


APPENDAGE (so far)

Sleep Underground - 4/4

Stare Like You'll Stay - 12/8

Everyway - 4/4


inb4 "cool story bro."

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does anyone know what song is playing during tour sequence 4?
i've never heard it before.


to me, it seems that it's an improvisational song idea

recorded during a non-creature soundcheck or something.


it sounds like it was recorded direct thru a live soundboard to me.

the mix has the drums way out front

so I couldnt imagine it being prerecorded and mixed that way.

though, i cant be certain.


i'd definitely like to know when/where it was recorded.


if someone knows something about this, please share.

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