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Anthony Green "Projects" Discussion

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Anthony Green | Projects (2008-2016)


Bob Nanna Collab


Bob Nanna . 05.20.2008 . Hey Mercedes Blog

"Had a great talk this weekend with Anthony Green. New music project?"


Anthony Green . 07.22.2008 . AltPress Interview

"My buddy Bob Nanna [braid] and I decided we're going to work on something in the next couple of years. Stuff like that makes me excited."



Chris Pennie Collab


Anthony Green . 07.22.2008 . AltPress Interview

"The Circa [survive] thing is always gonna be number one. We're writing our third record and we're in the beginning stages of that, but I've been talking to [Coheed And Cambria drummer] Chris Pennie and some other dudes, and we're talking about doing something after the Sound Of Animals Fighting. There's crazy stuff all the time.





Circa Survive . 04.06.2007 . AbsolutePunk.net Interview

"So will we ever see an Anthony Green solo or Moshstradamus album released?


Anthony: Probably not.

Nick: Maybe though.

Colin: You don’t know – no one knows.

Brendan: All of us have different needs that need to be filled at different times.

Anthony: That is another thing about this band that is really good. No one is saying you can’t do this, or you can’t do that. Having that openness, being able to do whatever I want, makes me want to make this the best fucking thing I have ever done."


Anthony Green . 05.24.2010 . AbsolutePunk.net Chat

"in the next few years i will put out a hardcore record- a moshtradamus record"



Chris Tsagakis & Juan Alderete (Biceratops) Collab


Anthony Green . 02.01.2011 . Rock The Walls Interview

"Rx Bandits drummer Chris Tsagakis just sent me a bunch of songs he has been working on with the Bassist of The Mars Volta Juan Alderete. We are going to start working on some shit."



Casey Anthony

(Anthony Green & Casey Crescenzo Project)


Anthony Green . 01.19.2011 . Review Rinse Repeat Interview

"Shawn@RRR: Obviously Circa remains your main focus for the time being, but once your current obligations with Circa are up, do you plan on going out on tour in support of Beautiful Things?


Anthony Green: Yeah. I’d like to put a little more time touring behind the release, rather than Avalon where I didn’t do that much. I think I want to spend a little more time with the solo stuff. There are a couple of other projects I’m working on too, that I’m trying to find time to work on. Me and Casey from The Dear Hunter have been talking a lot about putting some stuff together. He’s really busy and I’m really busy, but we’ve had this dream about putting stuff together. There’s other stuff I can’t even say because I don’t want to fuck it up."


Anthony Green . 07.14.2011 . Twitter

"anthony green‏@AnthonyGreen: @CaseyCrescenzo - lets call our project Casey anthony"


Bílly . 10.21.2011 . CircaBoard

"I don't know if I mentioned this anywhere, but some kid in Boulder asked Anthony about a collaboration between him and Casey Crescenzo, and Anthony said they are working on something. He continued to say, "you probably won't like it, it's really fucking weird"."


Anthony Green . 10.23.2011 . Keeyahtay Lewis Interview

"...and Casey from 'The Dear Hunter' and I are working on a project that we'd like to get out, at least an ep or something, by next year"


Anthony Green . 01.2012 . El Paso Inc. Interview

"Yeah, right now we're working on a side project that I think we're gonna call Casey Anthony. There's no better name for this project, I don't think," Green said. "I think that it's unfortunate that that girl that killed her baby - or didn't kill her baby, or whatever - her name was Casey Anthony but ... You know, we have to call this project that. It sucks, but we have to. No one asked us. The gods came down and said, ‘Listen, this chick just killed her baby you need to spin it in a positive way.' And that's the best we can do and we're working on that."


Anthony Green . 02.10.2012 . Pop Break Interview

"PB: I heard a bunch of different rumors about new projects coming out. I heard you were in talks with Casey Crescenzo of The Dear Hunter about doing a new project...

AG: The Casey project is something we’re working on, but I don’t know when it’s coming out."


Anthony Green . 05.02.2012 . Twitter

"Nick Vavro‏@nick_vavro: @AnthonyGreen - Do you ever jam with @CaseyCrescenzo ? I would love to hear you guys record a song or two

anthony green‏@AnthonyGreen: @nick_vavro @CaseyCrescenzo - yeah we are working on some stuff now. He is such a talented musician and great dude."



Saosin/"Secret Hardcore Project"


Anthony Green . 10/11.2011 . AP Magazine Interview

"[There is] a mystery project I'm working on right now with some mystery dudes that should end up being one of the greatest things in the fucking universe," he says cryptically. When pressed for more details, all Green will say is, "I have been wanting to start a hardcore band for a really, really long time. This will be heavy."


Anthony Green . 12.08.2011 . AG Webchat

"I heard rumors about a possible post hardcore secret project. [

Oh yeah, i'm definitely doing the, i'm definitely doing the super heavy project that i can't talk about right now."



Sonny Moore/Skrillex Collab


SKRILLEX . 01.26.2013 . Twitter

"New Circa Survive record is sick! Shout to my ol' pal @AnthonyGreen"


Rains of Cappstamere . 01.27.2013 . Twitter

"you guys should def do a track together!"


AnthonyGreen . 01.27.2013 . Twitter

"that may happen"





Children's Album


Anthony Green . 10.14.2013 . Instagram ( w/ Comments)

"Recording demos for this children’s album that I’m trying to put out around Christmas.

What makes a song a “kids “song. Just becuase it’s for kids doesn’t mean it has to be dumb right?"


sdupreebemis Ohmygosh im so glad you're finally doing this!

anthonygreen666 @sdupreebemis me to! It's taken a long time to get everything moving but it's coming along great. Would love for you and max to contribute of your down! Can't wait for more perma jams! Send you guys some stuff soon. Trying to figure out the fictitious cartoon band that will release it under.


stephanyg666 What ever happend to making a children's book ?

anthonygreen666 @stephanyg666 the book is going to be release with the album as well as a kids clothing line designed by @meredithgreen


katwoughter A great kids song is made up of lyrics an adult that is stuck listening to over and over that aren't lame and fun instrumentals for the actual kids

anthonygreen666 @katwoughter I agree with you completely. The content is about youthful stuff but in general it's just like making any other record


tigerbrettlee Is @goodoldkeith recording with you? Because that would be great news

anthonygreen666 @tigerbrettlee yes @goodoldkeith is helping me. He is my guru


brianfantana Mini xylophones

anthonygreen666 @brianfantana yeah like very song is going to have them in it haha 2d


anthonygreen666 My favorite song was "everything I do" by Bryan Adams for the Robin Hood theme song. I was obsessed. And Kokomo by the beach boys I put on concerts for my family just singing Kokomo over and over





High & Driving


Anthony Green . 07.19.2014 . Property of Zack Interview

"Good Old War has been a big part of that Philly community. Over the years, you’ve become good friends with the band, so how will Tim Arnold’s leaving the band affect your solo work?


AG: I’m not 100 percent sure what the future of my solo music is going to be, but the music I’m working on right now is very minimalist compared to Young Legs and Beautiful Things. There isn’t a great amount of instrumentation; it’s really just an acoustic guitar or a single piano and lots of vocals. So I wasn’t really sure if I was going to have a band play with me on this record. If I was to tour again with a full band, it might be time to change it up. It might be time to add or subtract people. I love Tim Arnold so much from the bottom of my heart, and I want to continue to play music with him. I would love to do another solo tour where I have some of the guys from Good Old War and Tim Arnold in the band still, but I just don’t know how it looks yet. I’ve been so tunnel visioned on Circa, and I even have other projects that are pretty intense going on kind of simultaneously; I’d love to do something with Saosin after the Circa record. So that’s, like, a year or two down the line. I’m not really thinking of anything but Circa at the moment, but I do have a bunch of solo songs that I’m working on while I’m doing this, and I just don’t hear a full band vision with most of them. Tim Arnold and I will for sure continue to work together, though. Whether it’s solo or we’re talking about doing a full length High and Driving record, just him and me. We’ll figure it out."


Anthony Green . 10.31.2015 . Substream Magazine Interview

"I want to make a High & Driving record someday."


Anthony Green . 11.19.2016 . Twitter

"will most Likely do another high and driving ep next year ��"










Anthony Green . 11.12.2015 . Instagram

"Late night band practice with my new project called FOOD featuring @theautomaker @jeffreyalanpereira @tomdelonge @fakewang @bradclifford"


Fakewang . 12.22.2015 . Instagram

"@anthonygreen666 you guys better be wrapping the up those @listentofood songs. We've got shows to bail on."


Brendanxtrom . 12.22.2015 . Instagram

"@fakewang if you play a show it ain't cool anymore."





Punk Band


Anthony Green . 10.31.2015 . Substream Magazine Interview

"I want to start a punk band..."



Country Music


Circa Survive . 04.06.2007 . AbsolutePunk.net Interview

"Anthony: Someday I would love to put out a fucking country album or something (laughs)."


Anthony Green . 10.31.2015 . Substream Magazine Interview

"I’d love to attempt to do some old-school, traditional-style country music."



Keith Goodwin Collab (Trippy Music)


Anthony Green . 10.31.2015 . Substream Magazine Interview

"I’ve always wanted to do a project with Keith Goodwin [of Good Old War], where we make really weird, trippy music, almost like Animal Collective or Panda Bear type-stuff, or straight-up strictly weird stoner-ass techno."

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