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FOOD. "Coma." Discussion

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weird but fun I guess? Not paying 70$ for a pre-order though :P


Yeah, if there was more information, and maybe an actual pre-order with info instead of what seems most likely to be a joke I'd consider it lol. $70 is insane for something that no one has any idea about, that's why I assume it's not meant to be taken seriously. Although, I do want to hear the tunes haha.

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So far... a ruse.




On November 11, 2015, Anthony, Circa's tour manager and several other various crew members jammed at Tom DeLonge's (Angels & Airwaves / ex-Blink-182) rehearsal space in Carlsbad, CA after a one-off Circa Survive show in Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction in between Juturna 10 Year Anniversary tourdates. https://www.instagra...anthonygreen666



I was told a white t-shirt was for sale at the merch booth during the Circa Survive Juturna Anniversary tour that simply said "FOOD." and that the shirt was being sold for something like $40 or $60 and that most fans who inquired about the shirt were given a confusing response by the merch guy.


Then on 11.28.2015 in Sayerville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom show of Circa Survive's Juturna 10 Year Anniversary Tour, FOOD surprised audiences by playing short "shows"/songs in between the opening acts. Apparently the second "show" was played a half hour after the first show and contained a song entitled "Fuck You". Hence, me thinking this is a total joke band. Just a silly fun outlet for release.


But then...



ListenToFood . 11.28.2015 . Instagram

"FOOD. will be entering the studio tomorrow.

More details to follow..."




FOOD. - Coma. (2016)


Then in early December 2015, a FOOD. bandcamp page was put up with a preorder of a single called "Coma."


I thought it was likely just a song that was being released, but the information on the page clearly says "album":

"Pre-order of Coma.. The moment the album is released you'll get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app,

plus a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more."


The preorder amount seems to have changed from $10 to $700 to $70.

The release date was changed from January 1, 2016 to February 1, 2016 to March 1, 2016.

It also says "Recorded in one take."


Anthony Green - Vocals, Bass & Guitar

Brad Clifford - Vocals & Guitar

Hank Ford - Vocals, Bass & Guitar

Jeff Pereira - Vocals & Guitar

Jake Lang - Vocals & Drums





The "release date" stayed at March 1, 2016 and there was never any indication of any music being released.

One person who payed for the $10 preorder asked about the release on Instagram. No response was given.


In July 2016, via FOOD's Instagram account they released a pic of tourdates for an eight day July tour called "The Pizza Buffet Tour".

All the cities had question marks in place of the cities.

Later in the month, they released the same image with "sold out" stamped across certain cities

and in the third final tour poster, "sold out" was stamped over the entire tour.


It's hard to tell if theres any legitimacy to this project.

It's looking like no. Theres no real corroboration that anything was actually recorded.

They jammed at the rehearsal space and played two songs at the nj circa show.

if you know anything else, please let me know.


So far, pure bunk.

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Anthony Green . 09.05.2016 . In The Key of Change Interview (@11:11)

"...I'm putting out some songs with my punk band FOOD before the end of the year.

Which will be really fun. We're gonna put some songs up for free and maybe put out a 7 inch."

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while discussing FOOD on the circa survive safe camp facebook group,

two circa fans related this information:


Michael Screnock . 03.02.2017 . Facebook

"they are gonna put out some songs, but vocals still need to be recorded."


Martha Acosta . 03.03.2017 . Facebook

"They asked him about it during Q&A in Houston. He said it was top secret shit "

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