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Anthony Green . 09.14.2016 . Do512 Interview

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Anthony Green . 09.14.2016 . Do512 Interview




When people describe someone as the type to light up a room...


They're talking about people like Anthony Green. He's engaged from moment one. He heard his Tour Manager murmur our name as we walked in to confirm our appointment. Immediately, he addressed us and signaled for us to come join him on the couch. With his eyes locked and fingers crossed, he was ready for the first question.


His dedication to making his interviewer(s) feel welcome seems to be an honest reflection of how he treats most situations. For a man who somehow finds the time to lead two bands (Circa Survive and Saosin) plus a solo project, be a husband and father to three (soon to be four) children, his pure commitment to the task at hand seems to somehow keep the pieces together. When you're in a room talking to Green, or in a crowd watching him perform, the rest of the room dissolves around you.


So before his show at The Mohawk for the tour of his fourth solo album, Pixie Queen, we spoke with Green about being a father, trashing hotel rooms, and Alex Jones.




Do512: With all your other projects you're involved in, what makes this the right time to work on your solo material?


Anthony Green: Earlier this year I did a Saosin record, which was awesome. It's amazing to be in a side project that has a little bit of notoriety, and I do Circa Survive all the time. It's my main thing and I love it. But right now, my wife's pregnant and I've taken a little bit of time off this year to spend time at home and I feel very much in a place of celebrating my family. I made the accomplishment of being heroin free for the past three years and I just feel super connected to all of those things. Especially playing these songs, they're all about that relationship. Some are more positive than others but it's a celebration of that, in all of its rawness. That's what's happening. It's also really important that I have my friends with me, I have Tim and Keith from Good Old War and Brendan. It feels so much like a family.


Is there a guiding mantra or change that you feel reflects this positive phase in your life?


Anthony Green: I've been doing this mindful breathing for the last couple months. I go away, get real quiet, and just breathe in and out and don't think about anything else. I see thoughts come into my brain, but I'm trying to just breathe. It's been really awesome. It's helped me gain a lot of clarity.


You and your family are living in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Is there anything in Austin that you can only get when you're here?


Anthony Green: Yeah, there's this place called Picnik here in town. It's like, the only place I can get Paleo/Keto food. It's like a nutritional diet thing. I really enjoy eating like that, and I've been pretty strict with it for the past year. It's the only real place that you can get those kinds of sweets or the stuff that's really hard to get or make in such a convenient way. I love 6th street. I mean, I've been coming to Austin to play music for 13 years and there's always something new to discover. The shows are always good, too. It's a music town, so people come ready to sing and dance like maniacs.


As you get older, a lot of the things you've heard your whole life seem like they become more true.


Anthony Green: Yeah, that makes sense. If I get stressed out or anxious I'll just take a big deep breath and really think about breathing out. I'll picture it as a light coming in and out and it helps. Every day, music brings me to this place of peace and understanding. There's this Strokes song that I just heard yesterday and I can't get it out of my head. It's on the new record, and it's got this melody that's like *sings "What side are you standing on?". I think it's about money or Wall Street. It reminds me that I'm small and that I'm just a part of this amazing cycle that I can make into anything I want. That's freeing and humbling.


On a less meditative note, what's the dumbest way you've hurt yourself?


Anthony Green: Oh man, I've hurt myself in so many ways... One of them was in Austin, actually! It was at SXSW six or seven years ago. I was trashed, and it was one of the only times I've really fucked a hotel room up. I went super big with it. A company was paying for my hotel room for the week, and all of Circa was sharing two rooms but since I was playing solo I had my own room and I fucking destroyed it. It was getting so bad that I was like "Fuck it, let's see how bad I can mess it up". It ended up being like $4,800 worth of damage. It was worth it. But I broke my ankle and had to get wheeled out of SXSW in a wheelchair. Literally, the next year, to the day in Austin I sprained my ankle doing the exact same thing: jumping on a bed in a trashed hotel room and had to get wheeled out again. Very soon after that is when I decided it was time to stop drinking.


We spoke with Travis from Coheed & Cambria, and he had a similar story of trashing a hotel room in Austin.


Anthony Green: That's my boy. Dude, I was breaking shit on purpose. I was like "Let's break the toilet!", so we broke the toilet. We also had smoothie all over the place, and it was drying on the ceiling and looked like poop.


Looks like you dodged some headlines: "Anthony Green's Poop Room!"


Anthony Green: I seem to dodge lots of headlines. I've been really lucky.


If someone was writing your biography right now, what would this chapter be called?


Anthony Green: Fuuuuuck, me. That's a crazy question. "Accepting and Balance", maybe. For a long time, I thought I really needed to find balance but I think you have to accept that you won't have it all the time. People are like "How do you balance being on tour and being a dad?", and I'm like "You don't". I have to go full-dad when I'm home and full-band when I'm on the road. Both things take 100% of your energy, so it's not always about walking in the middle. It's about kind of, teetering on the edge.


What's a subject besides music that you're obsessed with?


Anthony Green: Fitness...?


*Notices lack of enthusiasm from Strange Inquiry


Anthony Green: Conspiracy theories?


Yes! What's your favorite conspiracy theory?


Anthony Green: There's a lot of them that I love. I've been going down the rabbit hole of 9/11 for the last few months. Alex Jones.


His dad was my dentist.


Anthony Green: Really? That's crazy. Yeah, Alex Jones is alright but a lot of his shit is fucked. I'm almost sure that he's a shill. Especially if you watch those Bohemian Grove videos. Is this what they want us to see? All the G20 shit, where all the people get together and decide what's going to happen with the world. How much more obvious does it have to be that shit is rigged? This is just some big game. This whole country is convinced that we're the good guys, and we're not. This whole thing is like, dude, the DNC is fucked, and what do we do? All of the same people keep fucking us. We can have opinions all we want. We're all part of it. I drive around in a van or bus that eats fossil fuel, which goes against my entire belief system but I've got to get around and tour. I have to make money for my family.


Yeesh. On that note, what song plays as Anthony Green goes riding into battle to save America?


Anthony Green: That Strokes song. "Which side are you standing on?" The whole song is about money, I guess. You should check it out, it's so good.

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