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Circa Survive "On Letting Go Deluxe" Discussion

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Circa Survive - On Letting Go: Deluxe Ten Year Edition


Original LP

Living Together | 3:30

In The Morning and Amazing… | 4:04

The Greatest Lie | 3:42

The Difference Between Medicine and Poison Is In The Dose | 4:18

Mandala | 3:24

Travel Hymn | 3:13

Semi Constructive Criticism | 3:22

Kicking Your Crosses Down | 3:38

On Letting Go | 4:04

Carry Us Away | 3:20

Close Your Eyes To See | 3:34

Your Friends Are Gone | 5:27


Album Demos

I Wanna Live (Living Together Demo) | 2:57

The Curse (Demo) | 3:59

Ace of Base (The Greatest Lie Demo) | 3:28

The Difference Between Medicine and Poison is in the Dose (Demo) | 4:12

Salsa (Mandala Demo) | 3:09

Semi Constructive Criticism (Demo) | 3:32

Kicking Your Crosses Down (Demo) | 3:15

On Letting Go (Demo) | 3:37

Sexy Groovy (Close Your Eyes to See Demo) | 2:52

All Your Friends Are Gone (Pre-production Demo) | 3:56



Devils Song (On Letting Go Demo Version) | 4:40

Most Dangerous Commercials (Demo) | 3:47

Airplane Dance (Demo) | 2:29

New Sun (Demo) | 3:28

WHO (Demo) | 2:29









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i dont think so. it seems more like evr/circa got some of them in from the manufacturer.


Figured so. I know I should go ahead and order, but after the Juturna delays, I figured I'd just save my money till I know they're shipping

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someone said they are also on spotify.


Yep. They're in Spotify and iTunes as well. The B-Sides are really good. Really digging the demo versions of New Sun and Airplane Dance. Also, got my VIP edition in yesterday and the download card includes all the stems in addition to the Demos and B-sides.

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i can confirm they're on spotify - i downloaded them last night while i wait for my preorder to be shipped. anyones ship yet?

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